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FalloutTactics beta 01/27/10 - Comments

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  • FalloutTactics beta 01/27/10 - Comments

    Hey, please leave your feedback here after playing beta of Fallout Tactics mission :).

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    Re: FalloutTactics beta 01/27/10 - Comments

    Keeping in mind that its just a Beta version, I thought it was solid

    Good things:
    -I really like the map.... IMO better than the last one. It looks like alot of effort was put into it, and its a pleasure to play on.
    -The whole team deathmatch kinda feel will problably make it easier to play. Engaging someone is no longer a subjective matter...kill anything in different camo.
    -No overpowering guns/weapons and ammo seemed equal throughout the teams.

    At first I found it odd that the raiders had a Bradley, but then I realized how difficult their task is (Blufor base is a toughie). I thought that I was too overpowering, but seeing as its the raiders only objective, it's deffinelty do-able. Mabye add a back entrance in Raven Rock.

    Mabye add more stuff in the middle of the map (armories, car garages, etc.) Teams could secure them, and it would help them with their main objective. I found myself just making a beeline to the enemy bases instead of seeing what was going on in the middle.
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      Re: FalloutTactics beta 01/27/10 - Comments

      1. I feel it would be much more engaging with 2 teams, or make 2 versions of the mission, one for high population and one for low.
      2. I spent a little bit more than an hour in the mission, almost all of which was spent staring out waiting for the enemy to attack the base, this goes to #1. The player should have at least 25% of his time be trigger time, or at least "action time" in which you are doing something. This is a problem with your original fallout mission too.. humans have to defend the base when it would be MUCH MORE fun if AI did it instead. Alternatively, make it so the base will actually be attacked frequently by lowering the number of teams.
      3. The Bradley is imba.
      4. The crates/ladder thing is not an Ace bug, we played 3 or 4 missions before we played yours and they worked fine. I have not run into that issue when making my own mission either. This is more than just an annoyance, it takes 3x-5x as long to do what you would normally do after respawning and first starting.
      5. The intro video is cool but excessive, there should be a way for an admin to skip it.
      6. A lot of the vehicles surrounding the brotherhood area had full fuel tanks. If I wanted to "Game the system" I could block off all entrances to the radio area with vehicles making it impossible for my team to lose.


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        Re: FalloutTactics beta 01/27/10 - Comments

        I only got to play for about an hour last night and as the Enclave commander spent all of my time in the vault organizing the defense. Some comments from that limited perspective though:

        1. Ammo boxes, as mentioned, are a nightmare.
        2. Enclave base is probably too hard of a nut to crack, even with opposing armor. The entrance can easily be mined and triggered by a player from dozens of locations within the vault, well out of harms way. We had anywere from 3 to 5 players guarding at any given time (depending on assault group success/failures) and I would say that you would have needed at least 25-30 infantry players to even have a shot at dislodging us.
        3. The map is difficult to read. I'm assuming it is because you haven't had time to resize it from the original version.
        4. I would like to see objectives more in line with the last version. Go out into the wasteland and collect survival items. That makes for a much more immersive and dynamic game as your encounters with your enemies are fluid and random. The base attack/defense objectives will become de-facto as you will have to guard the supplies you accumulate. The scripts you guys wrote for moving around crates and stuff are awesome, might as well use them. Also, it allows players to enjoy the beautiful map you have created.
        5. I would get rid of air vehices, or atleast have very limited respawn. Everyone having helos also adds to the 'go directly to enemy base-attack base-respawn-go directly to enemy base' gameplay. Very COD or Battlefield type gameplay. Certainly not very 'Fallout' and dare-I-say not very TG either.

        In summary, this version has lost that "Fallout" feel to me. I know it is partly because you were forced to change the original vision of the mission, and I think that sucks. I do think though, that all is not lost. Encouraging more tactical movement out in the wasteland by varying objectives I think you can get a little of that feel back and ensure that this mission is played as often as it deserves.

        Great job as always Mikee. I'm very much looking forward to playing this again.
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          Re: FalloutTactics beta 01/27/10 - Comments

          I think having difficulty getting into the crates occurs because its outside of the map. I will try get area of the game smaller.
          I will also take all the feedback you guys wrote here and try implement it. Hopefully we can play version 0.95 tonight.

          I'm glad you like the mission.




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