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HELP!!! How to create custom units???

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  • HELP!!! How to create custom units???

    So, receiving a rude "There will be no Iraq units in ace2" answer at ACE2 DEVHEAVEN about my sugestion of importing ace1 Iraq Republican Guard units, or evem the design of a new one, made me get insterested in making them.

    Can anyone be gentle enough to help me get started? I have only some experience in mission editing....


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    Re: HELP!!! How to create custom units???

    Might have better luck asking for few thousand dollars. As far as time and effort goes, that's how much they would go for. Its not an easy task, and don't be surprised if someone doesn't want to spend hours of their time for something that is free in the first place.

    I suggest you look at the BI tools on the Wiki, if you got a better grasp by exploring yourself, you might understand the task better.


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      Re: HELP!!! How to create custom units???

      There are three (?) people you need for a unit: one for the model, one for the skin, and one to compile. Rarely does anyone have the time to do all three, so your best bet is recruiting help.


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        Re: HELP!!! How to create custom units???

        Using the BIS ArmA1 Sample models SLA soldiers, one could probably rebuilt the Iraqi units, if I recall correctly that's how they were created in the first place.

        The models looked pretty similar as the ArmA1 Iraqi units had the distinctive sla shovel at the back and russian style helmet, which would limit the job to configurating and editing textures with very little model adjustments such as e.g. adding ArmA2 hands and heads.

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          Re: HELP!!! How to create custom units???

          I will gently take you by the hand.. and swing your ass around to the ground and put you in a choke hold! Now! You wanna make custom units eh? Iraq units you say eh? Well, get your butt over to the Bi forums, start reading there in the mods and addons section. Also, check out the addons and mods forums in the website Finally, start looking at the bi wiki for addon info.

          Cause boy, if you ain't a gonna read.. you ain't a gonna make no addons. And if i ever catch you in this neighborhood again ask'in about addons AND you have not read anything.. I'll tan your hide!
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