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"Embassy" Op. Eastern Exit

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  • "Embassy" Op. Eastern Exit

    Hi guys,

    I want to first thank all members who played my mission tonight, CO_47_ACE_Embassy_V4. The mission recreates Operation Eastern Exit and in my opinion everyone did a fantastic job! I hope everyone had fun.

    This was the first "official" premier of the mission with a stable version number. Versions 1,2, and 3, had issues with lag when AI's dynamically spawned. I fixed this issue by adding a ifServer command to the scripts to prevent each local box from creating the units in an exponential way.

    I am posting this thread as a AAR/Feedback thread so that I can hear from those who played it any advice, critiques, or suggestions. Right away I realize that I need to add the ARMA garbage collector to remove excess dead bodies, etc. as well as more enemies in the side missions. The CAS runs and Embassy defense sounded epic over the radio and our hats go off to yal! I am considering removing a very small portion of the embassy attack portion of the mission to the side missions where Marines clear out the cities in search for the American and German citizens. I feel this will stop lag from escalating while putting units where needed.

    Again, please feel free to post any suggestions for this mission!

    Force 7437

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    Re: "Embassy" Op. Eastern Exit

    Please don't remove units from embassy attack!!! Speaking as one of the SEAL team operators, i can attest to the awesomeness and funnitude of the embasy. With combined support from friendly aircraft, we managed to hold off easily 100 guys outside the walls. one thing though, the ammo boxes need DMR ammo, my marksman found himself short.

    Shoot till you run out of ammo, or until you're dead.




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