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If You Have Access To This Forum You Had Better Read This*NOT A REQUEST*

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  • If You Have Access To This Forum You Had Better Read This*NOT A REQUEST*

    There has been a lack of Dev Team support and an overall lack of attendence for all of the members here. This is going to change now!

    As of right now every Dev Member is on "probationary status". Based upon your contributions to the new mission campaign we are working on, your status as a Team Member will either be approved or you will find yourself removed from this group. Be advised, that your status can change at anytime! So if you help out this once and disappear again you will not be given a second chance!

    There are people waiting for approval into the Dev Team that are chomping at the bit to be apart of projects like this and here you are just passing over them because you dont want to do them. This is the Mission Development Team, our soul duty here is to provide OUR community with the best missions possible, help new mission makers learn the tricks of the trade, and offer assistance in any way that we can. The fact that none of you are getting together and working on new projects outside of your own personal ones really upsets me. Not to mention the fact that myself and several other admins went to bat for you to get a dedicated test server for you guys, and no one has used it. How do you think that makes us feel?

    You guys need to start working together and working on the projects that are asked of you by the Admin Team, the Dev Team Leader, and the community, or else I will personally remove you from this group. If you think I am being to harsh, I am! This has gone on long enough and it ends NOW!

    You all need to ask yourselves why you are here.



    KnyghtMare ~You could always tell the person holding the gun to your head you would like to play on a different server...



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