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  • April Campagin Updates

    Announcing the release of the first 10 missions for the Iron Dawn Theater of the Flashpoint '87 campaign!

    Flashpoint '87 Campaign

    Iron Dawn ( Celles):
    August 2nd, 3rd and the morning of August 4th proved difficult for NORTHAG forces. The 3rd Russian Shock Army lead the charge across the intergerman border early in the morning of the 2nd and by 0600 on the 4th had captured Lϋneberg. The 4th Shock Army crossed lines with the 5th Guard Tanks around 1200 and the 5th began driving south west down autobahn 7 attempting to encircle Hannover. On the extreme left of the 5th advance was the 447th Motor Rifle Regiment with a division of attacked tanks. Their mission was to capture Celle an important NATO ammo depot and cross roads. The defense of Celle is primarily the responsibility of the 19th Panzergrenadier Division with the support of two US and one Canadian reserve infantry battalions that had been caught sent north to help reinforce NORTHAG forces. Iron Dawn details their story.

    Mission List:

    Mission 01: Muden Forest
    Fighting patrol in the woods.

    Mission 02: Oberohe Contact
    Advance and secure an enemy position.

    Mission 03: Muden Withdraw
    Delaying action against overwhelming numbers.

    Mission 04: Fassberg Field
    Squad recce patrol.

    Mission 05: Oberohe Gap
    Impromptu defense.

    Mission 06: Weesen Pocket
    Platoon defense.

    Mission 07: Lutterloh Ambush
    Section Ambush

    Mission 07: Lutterloh Line
    Section meeting engagement.

    Mission 09: Muden Raid
    Raid an enemy headquarters.

    Mission 10: Bonstorf Attack

    • Emphasis tactical infantry combat
    • Mortar Section Support
    • Continuous Overarching Story
    • AI scripting to create challenging unpredictable engagements
    • Randomization to make missions repayable.
    • Both respawn and non-respawn missions allow for a variety of different play styles.

    Missions By:
    Beta and Falcon
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    Re: April Campagin Updates

    Announcing the release of the first 3 missions for the Krause Mechanized Infantry Campaign!

    August 15th, 2010: a US army expeditionary corps has been overrun and lies shattered in the heart of Germany. A small but fierce remnant remains: the 90 Heavy Brigade Combat Team, one of a dozen new combined arms brigades formed following the Russian occupation of Georgia and Ukraine. But that was months ago, today the Russians are in Germany. Around Celle the 90 HBCT makes its last stand, outnumbered by the well-armed and highly mobile 2 Guards Division of the Russian army. The Russians attack en masse all along the front line as the exhausted Americans fight to control the bridges over the Aller river in a desperate attempt to prevent a complete encirclement and eradication.

    The players are from 1st battalion, alpha company, 2nd platoon. Call sign Panther 2. At times during the campaign the players also have armored attached from Delta company (Vanguard), ranging from a section to a platoon of Abrams tanks. Together they form a combat team known as Team Spear.

    Mission List:

    Mission 01: Winsen Spoil
    Mechanized Infantry Spoil
    Russian forces have beaten back 2 Battalion on the left flank and crossed the Aller around Winsen. They now threaten the brigade HQ. Alpha company of 1 Battalion makes a spoiling attack against the town in an attempt to pocket Russian maneuver forces already south of the river and to prevent further penetration of the flank. 2 Platoon is tasked with the main assault on Winsen.

    Mission 02: Winsen Reduction
    Mechanized Infantry Pocket Reduction
    2 Platoon is in Winsen, and in a position to be smashed. South of the river a pocketed force of Russian mechanized troops at battalion minus strength rearing backwards in retreat following the BLUFOR capture of winsen, while to the north elements of the 1 Mechanized Guards Regiment bear down to relieve the former. Panther 2 must defend Winsen until 2 Battalion relieves them.

    Mission 03: Garssen Breakout
    Mechanized Infantry Relief Breakout
    90 HBCT's hold on the Aller river is now stable following the brave exploits of Panther 2. Accordingly, the brigade now prepares an offensive in order to rescue 3 Battalion, which was never able to make it across the river and faces eradication as the 1 Armor Guards Regiment moves on it. 1st platoon of Delta company, Vanguard 1, joins Panther 2 to form Team Spear, and charges from the safety of Celle in order to punch a hole through the Russian encirclement. Will the US forces extend too far and be destroyed, or will they rescue their doomed brothers in arms?

    • Emphasis on maneuver and combined arms warfare
    • System for directing 155mm Paladins for support fires, including laser guided fire missions
    • Well-researched, realistic Table of Organization and Equipment
    • Dynamic combat environment which models the mechanized environment and strategies fully
    • A new play style which has not really been seen on TG before

    Missions By:

    Hopefully I can post some videos and screenshots soon... finals will consume most of my time for the next 2 weeks.
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      Re: April Campagin Updates

      ooooo i cant wait to play these


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        Re: April Campagin Updates

        looks great :)

        moved to mods and mission development forum


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          Re: April Campagin Updates

          Krause, those are some AMAZING FACTS!

          Looking forward to some great games on both campaigns :)

          Damnit Blizzard, fix ZvT already >.<
          In Soviet Russian, Arma admins are nice to you!


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            Re: April Campagin Updates

            Garssen is on the server. This one is going through QA now:

            Mission 04: Queloh Depot Raid
            Mechanized Infantry Raid
            With 3 Battalion safe, 90 HBCT goes on the offensive! 1 Battalion is tasked with disrupting fuel supply in order to paralyze Russian forces still being held in reserve. Accordingly Alpha company is sent on a lightning quick raid of the Queloh fuel depot and motorpool. 2 Platoon (Panther 2) must raid both locations simultaneously and then exfil quickly before quick reaction forces can muster! Victory means that the tanks and BMPs of the reserve regiments will not be able to respond as 1 Battalion moves to destroy the reduced 15 Guards Regiment.




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