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Fallout Revised Online v1.00 - Released!

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  • Fallout Revised Online v1.00 - Released!

    I'm happy to announce that version 1.00 of Fallout Revised Online was just released.

    The Great War is the single most important event that has shaped the Fallout world into its current form. On October 23, 2077, the United States, China, and other nuclear-armed countries bombarded each other with a rapid exchange of nuclear missiles and bombs lasting for only two hours. The destruction caused by the brief nuclear war was staggering; more energy was released in the early moments of the war than in all previous global conflicts combined. The Great War's outcome changed most of the planet into a radioactive wasteland. Those who did not die in the initial nuclear weapon exchanges (likely less than half the world's population) lived in darkness or radioactive misery for decades as much of the Earth's plant and animal life died off from lack of food, sunlight and the persistently high levels of radiation. Yet, living in subterranean vaults or frozen in cryogenic chambers, humanity (at least in the United States) persevered. Most people outside the Vaults were killed by the nuclear blasts or the radiation, and many of those who were lucky (or unlucky) enough to survive, mutated. The first effects of radiation were seen in the survivors around 2080. Widespread mutations occurred in animals, plants and humans alike.

    The Fallout games take place 90 years to 2 centuries after the Great War as humanity struggles to survive and rebuild. Some groups have barely managed to survive above ground, either scavenging the scorched ruins of cities or surviving and adapting to the new irradiated environment through mass mutation. Communities that were sealed in underground Vaults during the war are now emerging to re-populate the blasted landscape. Two decades after the bombs dropped, the first Vaults started to open, and their inhabitants emerged to rebuild the destroyed civilization. The Core Region, corresponding to the American West Coast and Southwest, was one of the first areas of the post-atomic world in which significant interaction between different people emerged, about eighty years after the war in the mid-twenty-second century. Though many regions of the formerly-civilized world are slowly climbing back up towards civilization, humanity has a long way to go if it is to restore a sense of normality, even in the late twenty-third century.

    Mission concept is based on collecting items/supplies/vehicles/technology that survived after Great War. Trade with other people and create strong group of players that will rule over others.

    Which items to collect?:
    There are 4 types of objects that should be collected.

    Raiders ==> They have no morals except one - survival. They use group tactics to overmatch their enemies. They are craven cowards, though, and will not attack unless they know they can win. They band together in their hideaway and fight over the spoils.

    Vault 8 (Vault City) ==> Vault City is a high-tech settlement in West Nevada, established by the inhabitants of Vault 8 after the Great War. The Vault opened in 2091 after receiving the all-clear signal. The city was built around the Vault, using its fusion generator as a power source and knowledge contained in the GECK to establish the first structures.

    Other civilian groups (Wastelanders) ==> Survivors of atomic apocalypse that weren't lucky enough to get into safety of the Vaults.

    Advices for beginners:
    * hit 'T' to turn on/off nametags

    * At the beginning, trust nobody.

    * When you've got your first good gun, avoid any human encounter (unless you are playing in a group).

    * You can create and store your stuff in your personal tent. Choose area with very few people and hide your stuff well.

    * You can go in the desert and enter in a random location to search for supplies.

    * Alone in the desert, you won't be able to survive for a long time. Try to find some friendly guys in towns. You can find people talking mostly in New Reno Trading Post and Vault City.

    * Look for boxes with weapons, supplies and ammunition. See picture below.

    HOW TO: Create objects?
    How to create/retrive fireplace and personal tent.

    1. Open action menu, and select objects that you want to create.

    How to retrive objects?

    1. Get close to an object, point on it and choose action to retrive it.

    HOW TO: Load items on cars?
    How to load items on cars.


    1. Vehicles trunk must be facing the item.

    2. Choose action 'Load Item'.

    *** How to unload items? ***

    Just use action menu, and choose 'Unload'.

    HOW TO: Drag items?
    How to Drag items. 1st way.

    1. Get close to the item.

    2. Choose action 'Drag'.


    *** How to Drag items? 2nd way, in case 1st doesn't work ***

    1. Get close to the item.

    2. Choose action 'Drag'.

    3. Go prone 'default - Z'.

    4. Stand up. Now you can run with item.

    *** How to drop items? ***

    Just use action menu, and choose 'Stop Dragging'.

    For screenshots, check here:

    DOWNLOAD: Click the link=>



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