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DAC 3.0: To be or Not to be?

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  • DAC 3.0: To be or Not to be?

    Worth a try? See for your self:

    In (so called) "AI-zones", waypoints and units of different categories
    and sides are being generated. If you play a mission using DAC, you will
    get a different game experience every time restarting the mission.
    This is the result of every AI-zone being generated every time,
    when you start the mission.
    Furthermore, when using DAC, your mission will gain momentum and
    replayability will increase drastically in comparison with
    standard missions. Nevertheless mission designers have to spend
    more time in balancing the opposite forces and in testing their mission.
    The script is able to maintain supplies, in a dynamic, but by mission designers
    controllable way. The AI respawns at fully generated camps, so it is possible
    to create large, long lasting missions using DAC.
    New features, such as create DAC-zones during a mission or object-generation
    and also the old features like global troup movements,or multiple de-/activation
    of AI-zones are taking mission design to a new level.
    # generate units and waypoints dynamically in AI-zones
    # highly dynamic game experience, because of AI-zones being generated at every mission start
    # dynamic decrease of unit number (infantry or vehicle groups)
    # freely chosen size and number of zones (modify directly in in-game editor)
    # every zone can be configured individually (modify directly in in-game editor)
    # up to four different unit-categories can be generated per zone
    # two zone types: unit-zones, waypoint-zones, can be combined
    # freely chosen number of unit-zones can be linked with each other
    # freely chosen number of waypoint-zones can be linked with unit-zones
    # freely chosen number of unit-configurations can be defined
    # freely chosen number of behaviour-configurations can be defined
    # freely chosen number of waypoint-configurations can be defined
    # movable zones (global troop movement)
    # size of a zone can be changed at every time
    # new behaviour-configuration can be loaded at every time
    # new unit-configuration can be loaded at every time
    # dynamic AI-respawn in camps generated dynamically (no respawn or camp limits)
    # freely chosen number of camp-configurations can be defined (by a maximum of six camp-upgrades)
    # camps can be linked to zones
    # AI-respawn also possible without camp
    # “Standby-mode” for zones, units are generated when needed
    # zones can be activated, deactivated as often as you want to
    # script, which can delete units (depending on time and/or distance)
    # user defined waypoints can be included
    # running on dedicated servers
    # dynamic weather script
    # control markers can be activated
    # freely chosen number of marker-configurations can be defined
    # new marker-configuration can be loaded at every time
    # radio messages and markers depending on chosen side can be activated
    # units placed in in-game editor can use DAC routines as well
    # AI conquers buildings
    # AI detects empty vehicles
    # AI uses empty static guns
    # AI uses smoke grenades
    # complete new routines for detecting the enemy
    # scripted artillery support for players and AI (static and mobile)
    # AI-(voice-) sounds can be defined on seven different situations (works with MP)
    # extended error handling (to avoid user input errors)
    # 6 configuration files for individual modifications
    # good MP performance
    # You can create AI zones "on-the-fly"
    # option to create mixed groups, for example 1 tank with 6 soldiers
    # Zones can now be rotated
    # Zones can now take the form of a circle or an ellipse
    # Zones can now have the form of an arbitrarily shaped polygon
    # Custom Waypoints can now be pre-defined everywhere on the map
    # Additional functions from MadRussian (especially in the area of custom waypoints)
    # New behaviour options
    # New "Config_Weapons" to define a custom weapon-layout foreach soldier type in every unit_config
    # The ability to generate objects in zones (with lots of options)
    ****# The ability to release DAC groups from the system in order to hand them over to another AI system***
    # The option of integrating radio sounds for certain situations
    # Dynamic adjustment of the number of generated DAC-groups in MP games
    # Many other small features
    # and of course ... fixed some bugs
    Installation / Usage:
    Plese read all included readme files for more information how to use the Dynamic-AI-Creator (DAC)in your missions!
    - DAC3 initialisation tutorial (for DAC beginners)
    Included .pbo files:
    Credits & Thanks:
    A very special thanks is dedicated to my translatorsl. The release date would be around 6 month later minimum without their help. The translation was made by:
    MemphisBelle, Macolik, banshee, Nephris1 … many, many thanks !!
    I also thank the whole SKH-Team their nice fully support in many sections.
    Another special thanks goes to MadRussian. He has motivated me again and again, and he has also brought its own functions into the DAC. Thank you my friend!
    Not to mention my testers who have given me a lot of feedback. Many thanks to you:
    Bier AIG Razor,
    Finally, a thank you to SNKMAN for their cooperation regarding GroupLink4.
    Forum topic:
    - BI forums
    Its your choice! Vote it up. Could bring a cool twist to mission development.
    Also, did I mention that there is 60 page README and 30 demo missions!
    To be.
    Not to be.

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    Re: DAC 3.0: To be or Not to be?

    As far as I remember from OFP and Arma 1. DAC is bunch of scripts that must be attached to mission by mission maker, just like you do with other scripts or briefing. There is no such thing as addon, etc...

    Unless they changed it for Arma 2, but I don't think so.


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      Re: DAC 3.0: To be or Not to be?

      Its an addon now, it has become too large to be a script anymore. It would require a 8mb+ mission download.


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        Re: DAC 3.0: To be or Not to be?

        Originally posted by h3killa View Post
        Its an addon now, it has become too large to be a script anymore. It would require a 8mb+ mission download.
        Then I think we should test it. DAC was great addition back in OFP and Arma 1 without causing lag problems :).


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          Re: DAC 3.0: To be or Not to be?

          I agree. Also, if you vote it down can you please post why. So, we can hopefully figure something out...


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            Re: DAC 3.0: To be or Not to be?

            I have no interest in adding this on at the present time a new version of Zeus has came out, it is 8mb, and fells to be a work in progress. Dynamic Group handling scripts exist for lowering server/mission script load, but this might just be high based on the sound pbo.
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