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Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

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  • Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

    Hey guys, looking for a bit of criticism / warnings / tips from more experienced makers on an idea or two i've got swimming about, basically - is it a good idea? Do we already have that? How hard would it be to make? Is there anything i should learn to do extra to make it?

    (this is spawned from the issue we've been having on euro time zones recently where we don't have more than 15 guys on at a time and are running out of missions we haven't played 100 times already)

    Anyway, here come the ideas

    scenario 1

    No respawn, JIP on rescue squad only. 25 players max, design for 12. Ideally completable in less than 30 mins, 20 mins average

    Force makeup

    Friendly - two squads, mortar support, possibly small weapons team. Friendly ai present in/near so working on other objectives.

    Enemy - several infantry squads, bout platoon strength, couple of bmps.

    Situation - detachment was part of an assault that went horribly, one squad is stranded at front, being assaulted by enemy counter attack, rescue squad must reach their position and work with them to retreat back to friendly lines (fob likely).

    Weapons team would start with stranded group and be facing contacts within 2 mins of start, rescue team would have to face infantry and possible bmp to make it to forward squad, once united further enemies would spawn in small numbers to engage those retreating.

    Success - at least one man of forward
    squad makes it to fob alive.

    Fail - everyone on forward stranded squad dies.

    Intended difficulty - medium ish. A challenge but doable with sound tactics and squad co-operation.

    Edit notes - reasoning for sit, command net has gone down, friendly forces are retreating, added constraint - the area will be blown to bajeebus soon by mortars / bombs, halt opposing force etc. Possibly when at fob remaining units will perform a delaying action against a load of ai? More thought required :P


    will add another later, out of lunch time :/
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    Re: Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

    Sounds like a really good scenario to me. You might however want to scrap the last optional part about delaying action if you want to keep mission duration/difficulty down, depending on how long and hard the original meet-up and retreat is. Could be made into two different missions even, one with a harder rescue and retreat, and one with a slightly easier part of that, with a stalling defense at the end?

    Will there be any HQ, btw?

    Like a roster (example US Army) as below?

    1x Plt. HQ: 2 men; 1IC and Medic
    2x Rifle Squad: 9 men each (maybe down a few men due to losses?)
    1x M240 team: 2 men
    1x Javelin team, 2 men
    1x 81mm mortar, 2 men


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      Re: Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

      Probably no HQ, the idea is these guys are cut off from command in all the FUBARness, may even try getting (quiet) random radio static sounds to play every few mins for a second or two to indicate the wrecked condition of the radios.

      Looking at about

      2 x Rifle squads w/ around 6-7 people each
      1 x M240 team, 2 guys
      1 x Jav team, 2 guys
      1 x 81mm Mortar, 2 guys

      I'm thinking I'll make them CDF though, or possibly make the rescue team Marines and the stranded forward group CDF. Delaying action is def out for the moment though, want to cut it down to around a 15 min playtime outset, in light of the general community populace feeling some missions take too long without respawn & JIP.

      Can throw in stalling and things into another mission. If all goes well might make a small sized campaign focused around one or two squads with a bit of support working as part of a larger unit, tackling small objectives amidst a larger battle.


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        Re: Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

        CDF would be quite nice, making the AT team having a more all-round RPG (maybe even with some OG-7 or thermobaric (added in latest ACE version) rockets?).

        Understand the lack of HQ. Just thought it'd help especially with coordination of mortar, but if the money is on chaos, then I welcome the lack of C2 :)


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          Re: Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

          'nother one - I'm actually 75% done with a first version for it.

          Coop, 34 player.

          Situation - Delta Plt are currently stationed south of Zargababydad, Hotel to the West. Approx 2 hours ago Taki military personnel opened fire on a UN peacekeeping detachment within the city. They are currently firm and holding at grid ref 042 041. The Taki's are currently staging from somewhere to the north of town and a villa within grid reference 048 046.

          Mission -

          Obj 1 - Delta Plt is to rendevous and support the UN peacekeepers and prevent their elimination.
          Obj 2 - Delta Plt is to move to secure the enemy Staging point / FOB at 048 046.

          Assets -

          2 x Bradleys
          3 x Technical HMMVs including one CROWS
          Several unarmoured HMMVs

          Support -

          A Special forces team with Littlebird transport have been assigned to aid the platoon and will act the direct instruction of Plt command.

          Rearm and repair trucks are available.

          Enemy strength

          Estimate one motorized platoon, attacking the UN peacekeeprs
          One Mechanized platoon, defending the FOB/SP/Villa
          Several smaller sections spotted around Zagarababy.

          Civillans spotted around AO. Note - excessive Civillian casualties will result in mission fail.

          UN Peackeeper strength

          Entrenched Platoon with M113 support.

          No Respawn, JIP


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            Re: Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

            Update - Just finished v1 of the above mentioned, CO34_Op_Fallen_Badger... have tested the triggers etcs ingame myself... Just need to test it properly with a couple of guyz online... Any takers? :P


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              Re: Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

              Several small missions almost done (Just finishing scripts, cody bits etceteras). Planning out my big ambitious map.

              The idea - Coop, Massive battalion vs battalion combat (Scaled down and worked around, cached enemies, when x amount die, x amount spawn in, bodies gone after 5 mins), players get to take fun slots. One high commander ordering the Battalion around.


              Blufor - Half of the 531st Battalion has stationed south of Zagrabad this afternoon and is staging North of FOB Lucretan for the final push into Zagrabad to throw the Takis out.

              In order to gain control of Zagrabad the following objectives need to be seen to be secured. (Not necessarily in this order)

              1 - Yarum
              2 - Strong Point 1.
              3 - Strong Point 2.
              4 - Strong Point 3.
              5 - Airfield.
              6 - Anti Air Emplacement.
              7 - Mortar Battery at Villa.

              There is currently a limit on advance to the North of Zagrabad due to the large volume of Civillians fleeing combat.

              Task organisation.

              Charlie Infantry / Mechanised Platoon

              3 x Infantry Squads (MG, AT, MEDIC Support)
              1 x Infantry Squad (ERA Bradley IFV Support)

              Echo Infantry / Mechanised Platoon

              3 x Infantry Squads (MG, AT, MEDIC Support)
              1 x Infantry Squad (ERA Bradley IFV Support)

              Sierra Mechanised Platoon detachment
              2 x Infantry Squads with Stryker support

              (Yet uncallsigned Motorized squads)
              2 x Motorised squads - HMMVs, (1 Tow, 1 GPK, 1 M2, 1 CROWS.)

              Steamrollers M1A2 Platooon
              Two Tonnes M1A2 Platooon

              Bow A10 flight (2 fixed wings)

              Saint Special Operations Team with UH-6 Support.

              Arrow & Lima AH-64D flights (2 helos)

              (Approx 140 troops total.)

              Note - BLUFOR troops must not enter the Mosque. Resistance troops will be on call for support on taking the airfield but will treat BLUFOR as hostile if sanctity of Mosque is tained. Mission Fail if Mosque is destroyed.

              No time limit, respawn, JIP

              Situation OPFOR

              AI, Non Player - Resist BLUFOR assault.

              Approx 250 men and several armoured platoons in City. Mortar support in Villa, AAA support in North West.

              Entrenched positions at Strongpoints dotted around City, mined and blocked roads all over

              Equipment is sub par, few tanks better than a BMP, mostly M113s and BMP 2s, couple of T72s however.

              Situation Independant

              Ai, Non Player - Protect Civillian Refugees, Assist BLUFOR if not enemies.

              2 Infantry Squads, One BMP-2 (damaged).

              --- TBC ---


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                Re: Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

                I guess I will make some low player count missions. That's pretty much what I did for Arma 2, besides Takur Ghar.

                Op Clean Sweep Anyone?
                Furious Eagle? No boats anymore :(
                Swat? - Hmm this one will be interesting with the new towns...
                "Never forget that you are there to SERVE the soldiers. Listen to your NCOs and always do the right thing." -My Father


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                  Re: Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

                  Furious eagle can use hummers instead, rescue a captive etc.
                  Swat could reform into a CDF-type forces rounding up terrorists, with NATO advisors along for the ride.


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                    Re: Criticism of mission idea(s) requested

                    Cancelled the above in light of the negative reaction towards The kill bin laden mission of similar concept ( high command, large use of ai ).

                    Instead working on two small 15 man SFOD missions, twisted hamma and Vengeful Eagle.

                    Twisted hamma - two teams of Sfods must clear an aa position and then mark armoured targets for an A10 flight. Night, no respawn

                    Vengeful Eagle - Chad's tough as nails wife and Rebellious teenage son have been kidnapped by Terrorists in retaliation for The death of their comrades at Chad's hand. All seems lost until Rick Steele, Chads old Sfod buddy shows up with a few of the guys to aid their friend in saving Chads family, and exacting revenge. Can They save the wife and kid? Will Chad and his son mend wounds and Become a family again? Will chad ever conquer his fear of water and learn to swim!?

                    Or is this the end of our heroes tale?




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