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Mobile Respawn? How?

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  • Mobile Respawn? How?


    I know how to do missions with respawn, but now I need a Mobile respawn with tickets.
    And I have no idea of where to start.

    basically I need to set an HMMVV as a Mobile Respawn, where you would respawn right next to the vehicle, not in it.
    Also, maybe would be better to enable the respawn only when the vehicle stops... just like Domi.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Mobile Respawn? How?

    Simplest way is just to move the respawn marker using setMarkerPos

    You can also wait until the player spawns then move them to the desired location, this also allows you to do pretty much anything you want including spawning different players in different places and spawning into vehicles


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      Re: Mobile Respawn? How?

      you can make a clientside script which repeatedly sets the position of the respawn marker at the mobile respawn using the setmarkerposlocal command. Setmarkerpos is a global command which transmits over the network. Using a clientside scirpt will work, and avoids unnecessary network traffic.

      For tickets... I would have a serverside variable being monitored by a server side script which would trigger the end of the mission when that variable reaches a certain value. client side, at a ondeath event handlier that the player's machine would transmit a variable over the network when they die.. like ...

      player_died = false (by default)

      clientside event handlier scripting changes it to true then publically transmits over the network. After that the client would reset its value of player_dead to false again.

      Server side.. that looping ending script is checking for if player_died = true. When it sees it, it increments the total deaths 1 and the resets player_died to false;

      so when the death limit was reached server side the mission would end.

      You could even base it on an adjustable value such as a parameter.
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