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  • Request for voice actors

    Project - Campaign based around an SFOD unit - Eagle. Comprises of 3 SFOD teams, Eagles 2 to 4, one Command Unit comprised of a CO and 2IC (Eagle 1) and 2 transport pilots (Sparrows 1 and 2).

    Main Characters

    CO - (?) - War vet with a cooler than thou attitude, stark and to the point he enjoys belittling opponents with witty catchphrases or witty insults. American. Wears black sunglasses. Approx 37 years old.

    Audition Lines

    Commanding type of voice "Eagle one will provide security whilst two pushes into the compound at 014 629, when inside two will acquire Ruskie scalps and radio in clear. Three will then enter the control tower, secure and plant charges. All units will then exfil and make go boom."

    Regretful - "Too much blood, every day another German lunatic screaming stainenainer or whatever in my face. I couldn't take it, so I ran." "I guess I got used to the all male prison in Duala. Suppose that's why I set up here in Zargabad."

    2IC - Rick Steele - Cocky, over confident, "young minded" and constantly attempting to one up anything anyone else does. Harbours great admiration for the CO to an almost bromance level. Blonde hair, English, approx 26 y/o.

    Audition lines

    Shock / worry / horror - "Eagle 2, 1, How copy over? DAMNIT HOW COPY!?" *Smash Desk* "SHAAAAAAARRRIIII!"

    Serious / hurt - "You don't remember that time, back on Malden, what you told me? What you said allowed me to kill again. If it wasn't for you, I'd never have earned that Service medal for killing a T72 with one 9mm from 700 yards away."

    Operational command / handler - Reilly Stark, callsign Home Nest - A gruff, no nonsense frank talking type of Major, shares a level of empathy towards the unit CO, acting as a sort of mentor to him from time to time. Thinking a sort of Roy Campbell of MGS type of deal, possibly. Early 50s.

    Audition Lines

    Mentorlike / Serious - "You can't keep doing this to yourself. So what if the kid wants to go put makeup on, you wear camoflage. It's a kind of makeup. Maybe he's working on eliminating homeland threats within the ebo or whatever they call themselves scene."

    Commanding type of voice "The situation is as follows, 20 mikes ago a leading Taki hardliner, Col Mushakreb took control of an airfield south west of the Isle of Podagorsk. He claims they have acquired two nuclear warheads and plan to detonate it, wiping out most of the island in five hours unless the West conforms to Ismam or supplies him with 20 billion in gold bars. Eagle is to prevent this detonation."

    Main antagonist

    Col Bartz von Himmelmeier - Stereotype German evil mastermind bad guy. Has an insatiable attraction to nuclear explosives and killing innocent civillians. And a lot of cash. Go figure.

    Audition Lines

    German badguy style - "Ah, (Bleep), so we meet again! It has been too long since Duala indeed, but you shall not escape me this time! *Cackle* I have your pretty daughter! Surrender and turn yourselves over peacefully and she will not need to be harmed!"

    Approx 35.

    Sergei Grechlov - Russian ex spec op Commander, was thought to have retired when the Soviet Union collapsed, apparently not. Deathly sarcastic, believes himself to be somewhat of a poet. Anyone who's ever heard his poetry however has reportedly been shot shortly afterwards. Age unkown, expect late 40s.

    Shari (?) - Wife of Main Character (CO) - Tough as nails, no s* sherlock approach to all things, constantly suspects CO of having an affair with one of the SFOD ladies. To the point where she has once IED'd his car in an act of "revenge". I would accept a man pretending to be female, due to lack of females in ARMA communities.

    Audition Line

    Angry - " (Bleep) you unfaithful (bleep)! How could you!? "

    "Yeah, you just go running around the world killing terrorists as usual and I'll just sit here at home trying to raise our son."

    Advisory / light - "Remember hun, if you die whilst rebelling against the US government the insurance won't pay out."

    Josh (?) - Teenage son of Main Character (CO) - Going through the rebellious phase. Listens to bands like The used, HIM and Funeral for a friend. Ambition is to be a singer and tell the world of his pain and suffering. Nuff said.

    "You don't understand me dad! No-one does!" "My names not Josh, dad, I'm Obsidian, and you aren't my father!"

    Several on the side characters, mainly one liners from within the unit. Not too bothered about that.

    Proposal of how to do this - Ingame briefings will be done with the characters involved, text version and skip option available in parameters for those who would rather read. Light hearted approach, few parodical jokes towards Action movies / etcs as a whole.

    Intent - Make briefing and mission experience more story like, give people a reason to sit through and pay attention to brief notes by having it dictated to them. Important parts highlighted of course.

    Aimed run time - 3 - 5 mins tops for each.

    If yoo are interested, let me know. Will either do auditions on TS or have you send me a quick recording of you doing a line.

    Not looking for professional by any means level, just a bit of a laugh and giggle mixed with some serious stuffsh

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    Re: Request for voice actors

    Colour me intrigued good sir.
    I've done voice acting before for people on YouTube. PM me if you want me to try anything specific I can do lots of accents :)


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      Re: Request for voice actors

      I'm in. I can def do the CO stuff. :) Hit me up on TS later I will help you out with everything you need buddy.


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        Re: Request for voice actors

        Need some news reporting? General Carver of Faux news can do some reporting.
        Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity. - General George S. Patton.


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          Re: Request for voice actors

          Is this still going on?

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            Re: Request for voice actors

            Nah, it was canned unfortunately. May revive in future however.




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