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    So I'm working on a mission. I won't elaborate precisely as to the details of said mission in order not to spoil what I think will be a couple pleasant surprises, but I'm having a problem with handling civilians. In order to create ambient civilians effect I'm using a random patrol script with pre-placed civilians. Some of these civilians are pre-designated 'shooters' and at a critical point in the mission, if certain conditions are met, I need these civilians to manifest weapons either from crates or via the addweapon command and to begin hating blufor with a passion.

    I tried placing civilians grouped with opfor with probability of presence set to 0. This resulted in civilians who went prone and moved evasively at the first sight of bluefor. My hope is that up until the sudden change, that the civilians would behave normally, patrolling at random or remaining stationary just like the other civilians. After the change they would obtain weapons and begin trying to kill blufor. If anybody knows how this effect might be accomplished I would be deeply grateful. I've already set it up so that a group of opfor spawns at the desired locations when the event is triggered, but there are problems with just creating enemies out of thin air as well.

    I'll be lurking in the mission development channel if anybody has any suggestions. Thanks!

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    Re: Help with Civilians

    To make them totally immobile
    Init: doMove=0; DisableAIMove=1; this setbehavior "Careless"

    To make them move again
    Init: doMove=1; DisableAIMove=0; this setbehavior "Aware"; this addWeapon "AK47"; etc

    Try that for giggles

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      Re: Help with Civilians

      By grouping them with a non-appearing OPFOR, you're essentially creating pseudo-OPFOR units with CIV models - hence the evasive behaviour when encountering BLUFOR units. Have you tried using the setCaptive command on these 'civilians' (set to true whilst you want them docile, and false when you magic weapons into their hands)? That, combined with the setBehaviour command suggested by LowSpeedHighDrag, should help. What I can' remember off-hand is whether pseudo-OPFOR units made with CIV models will actually open fire on BLUFOR units (and vice versa).




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