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[Script] ACRE Retransmit Script

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  • [Script] ACRE Retransmit Script

    I recently just figured out how ACRE RXMT works and made a script that if placed on an object, maker, etc., near the center of the mission should allow for proper communication from the field and the respawn point/base.

    //Retransmit on Position + Altitude
    private ["_obj","_pos"];
    _obj = _this;
    _pos = getPosATL _obj;
    [[_pos select 0, _pos select 1, (_pos select 2) + 4500], 51.850, 54.500, 20000] call acre_api_fnc_createRxmtStatic;
    Just place it on the object that you want set as the RXMT point and it should work. The script currently places the RXMTs for the 117F at 20000mW power and channels 6 and 7 will RXMT to each other. This script currently only works with AN/PRC-117Fs.
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    Re: [Script] ACRE Retransmit Script

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