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[Script] Simple way to add vehichles to LHD Hangar bay

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  • [Script] Simple way to add vehichles to LHD Hangar bay

    Created this mainly for ambiance but in the future plan to modify it for use as something like the main airbase functions as on domi. Where there will be the inital helos and vehicles, plan on adding an event handler to the vehicles to move them up to the flight deck for loading and then once on flight deck have the option to put them back in the hangar.


    for now this script simply creates the vehichles set the correct direction and height. mission maker must set the type number and spacing of vehichles in Hangar deck.

    create.sqs creates 2 ranks of 9 HMMVVs at the very front of the hangar deck.

    ; ****************************************************************
    ; Script file for Armed Assault
    ; Creates rank and files of vehicles for ambience or other use in the hangar deck of an LHD
    ; Place an object named lhd in the editor with
    ; this setPos [getPos this select 0, getPos this select 1, getpos des select 2]; res=[this,lhd]execVM "CreateLHD.sqf"
    ; in the init line. Then create an empty ship somewhere in the water named des. 
    ; Created by: TODO: |TG|Charles Darwin
    ; ****************************************************************
    _spawn = getposASL(_this select 0)
    _num = 0
    _num2 = 1
    ; Edit these numbers!
    ; _res = vehicles left to right
    ; _sep = seperation of vehichles left to right
    ; _rank = number of vehichles back to front
    ; _offset = seperation of vehichles back to front
    _res = 9
    _sep = 2.68
    _rank = 2
    _offset = 5
    ; Position East - West Bigger is farther East Center is +16
    _posX = ((_spawn select 0)-13)
    ; Position North - South Bigger is farther South Center is -1.3
    _posY = ((_spawn select 1)-12.7)
    ; Position Above sea level 11 is the best bet
    _posZ = ((_spawn select 2)+10)
    ; Actual Code do not edit below here!
    _veh = "HMMWV" createVehicle getmarkerpos "create"
    _veh setdir 270
    _veh setPosASL [_posX,_posY,_posZ]
    _veh lock true
    _num = _num +1
    _posY = _posY+_sep
    ; Are we done yet?
    if (_num < _res) then {goto "startfile"}
    if (_num2 == _rank) then {goto "exit"}
    hint "working"
    _posx = (_posX + _offset)
    _posY = (_posY - (_posY * _num))
    _num = (_num - _res)
    _num2 = _num2 +1
    goto "startrank"

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