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  • [GUIDE] Zone Restriction Script

    Wanted to know how to give players a visual cue that they were leaving a zone restricted area.
    The ZORA module is used to limit the area a player can leave by spawning groups to hunt them should they leave a trigger area.

    To place in the "Init.sqf":
    nul = [BIS_Zora_0] execVM "zoraSigns.sqf";
    // Script by kylania;
    _zoraZone = _this select 0;
    _zoraPos = getPos _zoraZone;

    _sizeZone = triggerArea _zoraZone;
    _angle = _sizeZone select 2;
    _radius = _sizeZone select 0; // needs to be a circle with equal a and b
    _distanceBetweenPosts = 15; // meters
    _count = round((2 * 3.14592653589793 * _radius) / _distanceBetweenPosts);
    _step = 360/_count;

    for "_x" from 0 to _count do
    _a = (_zoraPos select 0)+(sin(_angle)*_radius);
    _b = (_zoraPos select 1)+(cos(_angle)*_radius);

    _pos = [_a,_b,_zoraPos select 2];
    _angle = _angle + _step;

    _post = "Sign_1L_Noentry_EP1" createVehicle _pos;
    _post setPos _pos;
    _relDir = [_post, _zoraZone] call BIS_fnc_DirTo;
    _post setDir _relDir - 180;

    _mrkCrossName = format["%1CrossMarker",_zoraZone];
    _mrkCross = createMarker[_mrkCrossName,_zoraPos];
    _mrkCross setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE";
    _mrkCross setMarkerBrush "CROSS";
    _mrkCross setMarkerColor "ColorRed";
    _mrkCross setMarkerSize [_radius,_radius];
    _mrkCross setMarkerAlpha 0.2;

    _mrkBorderName = format["%1BorderMarker",_zoraZone];
    _mrkBorder = createMarker[_mrkBorderName,_zoraPos];
    _mrkBorder setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE";
    _mrkBorder setMarkerBrush "BORDER";
    _mrkBorder setMarkerColor "ColorRed";
    _mrkBorder setMarkerSize [_radius,_radius];
    _mrkBorder setMarkerAlpha 1;

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    Re: Zone Restriction Script

    thats pretty sweet actually.

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      Re: Zone Restriction Script

      Wow, really useful. After looking through MSO, I noticed Zora is used quite a bit... however I never really knew why until now.

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        Re: Zone Restriction Script

        Zora in mso is used to stop enemy being spawned in certain areas marked on the map
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