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Shotfinder Script 2.0

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  • Shotfinder Script 2.0


    This script is a development of
    Check us out at

    This script enables vehicles to be equipped with a Shot Detection System. The system is currently only able to detect RPG shots within 300m of the vehicle. The system will display a visual representation of the direction that the RPG was fired through the means of a clock-face and text stating the direction in clock-bearing.

    The system is based after the Boomerang Shot Detection that is currently in service around the world today. The script does not represent the system as true to real life, but uses it as a basis to work from.

    This script is ACE ready and will detect the various RPG projectiles included by the ACE Mod.


    To Do:
    • Add ability to detect rifle and other hand-held weapon shots
    • Look into possible JIP issues
    • Create Soldier mounted version with appropriate images and functionality
    • Create non-vehicle based version for placement as a base defense system
    • Make Boomerang model and turn into addon??

    Scripting by Blackpython (Base script) & Hawke (Dialog)
    Audio by Unkl and Blackpython
    Images by LowSpeedHighDrag

    Found in the ReadMe.txt in the file.

    Mediafire Link
    (Please do not mirror without permission!)

    (I've posted this in Mission Dev as well, but just thought I'd share it with the rest of us here in case some do not notice the new posts up top there and I want to ensure credit is given where credit is due. Thank you all for helping me develop this, and remember, we're not done here, there's still so much to do for it!)
    Blackpython / ZephyrDark

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    These beans are well chilled!

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      Re: Shotfinder Script 2.0

      Ahh the pitfalls of a mast based anti sniper countermeasure

      I blame python

      One more for the night well there will be more where that came from Its nearly completed.
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