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HOW TO add StickOpsA3 Engineer/Recon MP functions

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  • [INFO] HOW TO add StickOpsA3 Engineer/Recon MP functions

    The "StickOps" MP script package adds some fun and useful capabilities.

    1) Real-time construction (and de-construction) of several generally useful objects for players designated as 'Operators' (Toolkit required, often restricted to Engineer roles only):
    -- large/vehicle camo net
    -- bag fence
    -- low trench of rocks for quicker concealment (the current object doesn't stop bullets, so it's for concealment only)
    -- UNO flag on flagpole (this was originally a small makeshift flag, but that object class went away).
    The unit is animated while constructing these objects - each item in this list requires successively fewer animation cycles to complete.
    There are sidechats indicating start and completion.
    The object is placed just ahead of you based on your facing at the time of completion of the construction, so don't turn while constructing unless you've changed your mind about intended direction of the object.
    Each of these objects has a Deconstruct action attached to it which only designated StickOperators can actuate. There is a brief animation while the unit deconstructs the object.

    These activities are aborted if the Operator moves (turning is allowed), or is damaged, or enters a vehicle while working, or activates the Abort command (just wait for the chat message).

    I would have preferred to use a repair oriented animation, but none worked so I'm using the Medic animation instead.

    2) Cut Fences action for players designated as 'Operators'
    Works on map objects as well as script-created objects. The existing fence is replaced with a suitable "broken fence" equivalent.
    See the lists of uncut and cut fence classes in Stick_InitAsOperator.sqf. Operator needs to have a Toolkit for this to be available. Just stand near the fence and the action appears.

    3) Nudge boat action for everyone
    Nudge a boat gently if it's in the water, or strongly if it's on land. Really useful for those rare but crucial moments when a boat is beached or being a problem on the water.

    4) Dragonfly MicroUAV for players designated as 'Recon Operators'
    Recon operator needs to have both a Toolkit and a UAV Terminal for this to be available. Pay close attention to the on-screen instructions. PAUSE key (by default) exits the microUAV, but there's no magical teleportation retrieval, so park it where you can find it and retrieve it. (IR beacon and homing signal available)

    StickOperator functions can't be initiated if you are inside a vehicle.

    Operators and Recon Operators are designated (by these scripts) as such via player level boolean setvariables "Stick_IsOperator" and "Stick_IsRecon".

    There is a player level boolean setvariable "Stick_OperatorIsBusy" which can be used to determine if an operator is, well, busy, e.g. in the conditions of other actions you may wish to restrict. (maybe don't allow someone to do some other fancy action while they're also building a bag fence)

    Object classes and uncut and cut fence classes used by these scripts are defined via several missionnamespace setvariables for tailoring/updating as desired. Boat classes used in the 'nudge boat' action are ancestor level and hopefully won't ever change again.

    Missionmakers can download this scripting package from the attached link, i.e.
    The STICKOPS_README.txt file contains the above summary plus installation instructions.



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