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  • Crossfire and Arma

    Gents and ladies, I am looking at several hardware options and was wondering what the relative gains were on each.

    Firstly I am currently running a Core I5 750 o/c'd to 3.82, HD5870, 4gb of fast RAM with a Samsung spinpoint, playing at 1920 by 1200. I get good performance already but am always looking to improve things.

    So I am wondering how much of an improvement crossfiring 5870's will bring. I do appreciate Arma hammers your CPU and HD more than Gpu but you can shift load onto the Gpu by upping the settings. So anyone running crossfire or sli? How does it perform? (I also want a second Gpu for other titles, not just Arma).

    I appreciate an ssd or ramdisk will smooth out performance, do I need to put the OS on the Ssd as well? Will I see the same gains with just the game onthe Ssd?

    Any thoughts or tips are welcome, thank you for your time.

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    Re: Crossfire and Arma

    No idea about the CF, 'cause never had one but SSD is definitely yes from me. It won't give you lot more FPS but it will make everything super smooth and your OS really fast.
    At the moment I only have installed OS and ArmA on SSD and it really does make everything smooth and fast from startup to using it (both OS and ArmA)
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      Re: Crossfire and Arma

      Always put the OS on the SSD and Arma on it also, everything else should go on your regular HDD. As expensive as they are it does not make sense to buy a large SSD just to store stuff . Everything that I have read says that one high end GPU is always better than two lessor ones in crossfire. The 5870 is not a lessor card by any means, you should get all you need from just that card. I tried crossfire and wasn't that impressed, more fan noise, more heat, more money for not a lot of improvement. If the games look and feel good to you while playing, be content and quit chasing the shiney, newest cutting edge hardware. To me last years high end at this years prices works good for me.


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        Chief is absolutely right. A 5870 is a beast of a card and if you already have smooth graphics then why spend the extra $ for an improvment that could vary between 15-50% (merely guessing). Google some benchmarks with crossfired vs single GPU and see what other people have been getting. If its close to 50% improvement it might be worth it ( for me) but its all up to you.

        A friend of mine was running a single 6850 and then decided to crossfire. He managed to pull around a 30% increase in performance. However he already was running high FPS on all high settings in different games. I guess it came down to having 2 GPU running at a moderate pace vs 1 GPU working its tail off.

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          Two or more monitors, dual GPUs.
          One monitor, single GPU.

          You'd be better off spending that money on a SSD.

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