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Did Six updater break my install?

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  • Did Six updater break my install?

    Since switching to Six Arma locks up in the editor missions I am playing around with, then shuts down. Don't know if its coincidence or not. Only other significant changes I can recall are installing Zeus AI mod, installing CS 5.5. Also noticed a lot of error messages in the event viewer re display driver AMD (forget the rest), will post grabs later.

    In addition I kept getting the Ace clippi error in yellow. I did the open the clippi and tab back to Arma, shut Arma, close clippi trick and that message has disappeared.

    Posting to see if anyone is aware of any common problems. I will do more research tonight and post grabs of logs and error messages.

    Got a feeling I updated my mods VIA Six when I shouldn't have and this has knackered something, recall seeing an error about the Arma 2 path or something.

    What's odd is the missions launch fine and I can play for like 10 minutes then it falls over. Don't think it has happened once in multiplayer. I have already rolled back to the previous, non steam dl, AMD/ATI gpu drivers.

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    Re: Did Six updater break my install?

    Post your problem in the comment area of Six. Sickboy can help you determine if this a problem with six. He is pretty quick with response.




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