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Presents and Arma2 question regarding hardware

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  • Presents and Arma2 question regarding hardware

    For my upcoming b-day, i bought myself Windows 7 and a 64 gig SSD for my desktop. I'm getting sick of Vista and want to make the switch.

    I was hoping to install 7 on the SSD, and use my current hard drive for storage. I'm wondering if it's possible to install my ArmA2 (Steam Version) on the SSD while having the rest of the Steam games install on my larger hard drive. ArmA2, from what I hear, has a great performance boost on a SSD, and I want to see if I can get it running separately.

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    Re: Presents and Arma2 question regarding hardware

    I'd Steam forums that one. Anyone else?
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      Re: Presents and Arma2 question regarding hardware

      Don't ask me for advice on doing it lol, I'm about to get an SSD and do the same:row__787:




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