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  • Acre

    My ArmA is special. It is steam and ArmA 2 and OA were purchased at different times. This means Acre canít be just installed the usual way. The first time it installed just fine. I was able to run a test mission with everyone. Later I tried to join Bravo and it wasnít working. A few weeks later Acog installed team viewer on my computer and edited the registry and he noted that ArmA2 and OA had been purchased at different times as I guess he could tell from the way the registry appeared. It then ran just fine until we switched from yoma to 6 and I had to re-install ts and acre. I tried the other day to join bravo and found it not working so left. Later I had Unk confirm it wasnít working so had hoped to run into Acog again to find out what he did. Now today I was asked to update TS which I did. Then when I got on TS I got a repeated error audio msg with ok text in chat over and over again. I uninstalled acre and that error went away. I've had it with's too much of a hassle. I don't game enough and when I do get a chance to game I don't want my time spent trying to make the thing work. Just posting so if others update TS and get an error msg you know where it is coming from.

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    Re: Acre


    Not much help but I'm seeing the same exact issue.

    Arma2 and OA purchased through Steam at different times. TS worked last night, but tonight I have spent almost 2 hours fighting it. When I join the server
    Version: 1.2.10
    ArmA2 Connected: No
    and repeatedly says Error in the console.

    I've reinstalled everything multiple times and am running Six Updater and TS as admins. Any ideas?


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      Re: Acre

      The above is a repost. Check the other thread for reply....Owen, I'll see you online this eve with any luck.
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