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    I've used the Six Updater for Arma2 OA and had no problems there, but when everything was installed I got this Arma messup.JPG and after I pressed okay it took a lot longer than it normally does to load up the game then I got to the menu screen and this popped up, No Entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/Land_boudal.scope'.

    Please help because now I can't connect to any server

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    Re: ACE help

    Your Arma's are not running as Combined Ops. Make sure you have run both vanilla Arma2 & Arma2:OA separately and shut them down. Then make sure your six updater is set to run as Combined Ops (it's under a drop down box on the top of Six Updater). Sometimes the "Auto-Detect" doesn't work with some installations. Then launch the game from Six Updater or a short cut created by it.

    Any more trouble & I'll be around later supper time EST on TS.
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      Re: ACE help

      Hello Toxic,

      That error message showed most likely due to lauching OA standalone only.
      Try launching ArmAII with OA to fix that error.

      Sorry I had to take off during your Help session. I will try to catch up with you when I return.

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