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Six Updater Crash

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  • Six Updater Crash

    I launched Six Updater today and it crashed. Anyone else having this problem? Is there a bug?

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    Re: Six Updater Crash

    Mind did also, but it is a problem with Six's MSI updating system. Sickboy posted this afternoon about this problem and is working on it as I type.

    Download from the above link the latest 2.5rc.

    Go to control panel and uninstall Sixupdater.

    Go to your program files and delete the Six Projects folder.

    Reboot or restart your computer.

    Reinstall Sixupdater.

    Now this might not be a onetime fix as I found out. I actually had to do this about 5 or 6 times before this problem was resolved. But have patience and don't get frustrated. This is a

    problem on their end not ours. We will be here when you get back up and running.

    Go to the above link to re-input the URL for the Bravo Server.

    right click on the Bravo server and choose add server to preset.

    do all updater actions 1. convert to six 2. install or update

    You should have now 9 green tiles and 2 black. If any, such as TGmaps are blue, move mouse pointer over that tile and do updater action," install or update'.

    Good luck. I am pretty sure Sickboy should have this resolved soon and many won't have to do all this.

    Please read this post from Sickboy:
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      Re: Six Updater Crash

      Thanks Sarge! Looks like it did the trick.


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        Re: Six Updater Crash

        Mine done the same. I reinstalled it and it's OK now however.


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          Re: Six Updater Crash

          Pleas read this post from Sickboy concerning Sixupdater. When you click to start Six it will want you to install, do it, and it will want to a second time, do it. It is a fix for the earlier problem some people like me have had. No uninstall required.




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