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ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) Quick Guide I

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  • [GUIDE] ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) Quick Guide I

    Currently Supported ACRE Versions: 1.3.11

    Currently Supported TeamSpeak3 Version: 3.0.0 and 3.0.1


    Download links:
    *Note: Please install the correct OS version (32bit or 64bit) for your PC.


    Installation Instructions:

    For ACRE: Installation Instructions
    For Operation Arrowhead: Operation Arrowhead Installation

    What is ACRE?

    "The ACRE mod links ArmA2 and Teamspeak3 to create a more immersive environment in which we play in, including positional audio, real radio communications and complete compatibility with the ACE2 ArmA2 project.

    We intend to create the most realistic and immersive radio system within the current gaming world; based off of real life experience and knowledge, as well as the use of physical terrain obscuration, radio loss, distortion, and all other considers a real radio operator must make on a daily basis." *taken from (A2TS3 Wiki)

    Troubleshooting, FAQ, Bug Reporting:

    Direct to the Developers:
    Direct to ARMA Admins: Contact An Admin Thread
    (Alternatively, search ArmA - SOP's, Technical Support & FAQ Thread)

    Troubleshooting Steps:
    • Restart TS3
    • Make sure TS3 is started as Administrator,
    • Make sure the "ACRE Plugin" is loaded in TS3. Always restart TS3 when reloading the plugin.
    • Restart ArmA2
    • Make sure you have no conflicting versions or other plugins in TS3
      - Examples: Other versions of ACRE, the old A2TS plugin, etc.
    • Make sure you have the correct DLL for your TS3 install
      - acre.dll for 32-bit TeamSpeak, acre_x64.dll for 64-bit TeamSpeak
    • Make sure you are using the same version of the DLL as you are the Addon
    • Make sure you are loading the appopriate Addon's in ArmA2 (@jayarma2lib, @acre, @cba at a minimum)
    • Make sure dsound.dll is in the ArmA2 root.
    • Make sure you are not using the internal mod manager.

    Links of Interest: (Forum)
    Radio Manuals
    Basic Operation
    Current Change log (*information is not up to date. Information purposes only)

    How to verify ACRE install within your TS3

    Alternatively you can Single click on your name.
    Right side of TS3 box (Information box)
    Scroll down until you see:

    ACRE: Version: 1.3.9
    *If ACRE is not installed it would say "ACRE not installed"

    *NOTE: Their Wiki is not current, however most radio functions retain the same procedures.
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