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ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) Quick Guide II

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  • [GUIDE] ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) Quick Guide II


    This is a follow up of ACRE (Advanced Combat Radio Environment) Quick Guide


    ACRE Specific Rules
    • Firstly. The use of chat to bypass the radio system is absolutely NOT allowed.

      -The only users who are allowed to use the chat during a mission are those users without a working microphone
      -(Please limit your slot selection to a non-leadership position if possible, and use direct chat only)
      -Repeated infractions will result in a warning, and then a kick from the server.

    • Secondly. If a mission is in progress and you are joining after the mission has started do not perform a mic check until you have spawned in.

      -ACRE initializes once you have spawned in on the mission in progress.
      -Talking before this will allow everyone in the channel to hear you.
      -This is mainly just common courtesy to those currently in-game.
      -Repeated infractions will result in a warning and a kick from the server.

    • Thirdly. During TVT missions both sides are expected to move to different channels to do their own mission briefing.

      -(both BLUFOR and OPFOR briefing channels have been provided)
      -then both sides will move back to the main channel before mission start.

    Radio Manuals

    In ACRE there are four different radio types that are in use. They are PRC-343, PRC-148, PRC-117F, PRC-119.

    *Note: This guide should cover most aspects of the controls. However, since this ACRE Mod is still in its development stage. It may change in the future updates.

    What are?
    Accessed via: Mouse scroll/Mouse Wheel/Keys: [ or ]

    "Raise Headset"
    -effectively simulates the headset away from your characters ears and mouthpiece. (50%)
    "Lower Headset"

    -Opposite of "Raise Headset"

    The AN/PRC-343 Personal Role Radio is a small handheld radio.
    It is the default radio in ACRE.
    It is simple to use but doesn't have anything more complex than channel and volume control in its current implementation in ACRE.
    Has the lowest power, which equates to limited range.

    Selecting a Channel
    Left or Right click using the mouse buttons on the numbered channel knob to select a channel.

    Selecting a Volume
    Left click using the mouse button on the volume knob to raise the volume. Right click with mouse button to lower the volume.

    NOTE - The AN/PRC-343 volume is expressed as a number from 0 to 10
    NOTE - The volume knob is expressed as a number from 0 to 10. Default at 10

    Turning the radio on and off
    Set the volume to 0 to turn the radio off.

    The AN/PRC-148 is the standard platoon-level communications device used in the modern US armed forces. It has a semi-long range and high power (5W off battery).

    Please use this link for in-depth guide: AN/PRC-148 Guide

    The AN/PRC-117F is a currently used for Platoon to Platoon communication. This radio may also be used for Ground to Air communication. The radio has 100 preset channels, and can communicate with the AN/PRC-119 and the AN/PRC-148.

    Please use this link for in-depth guide: AN/PRC-117F Guide

    The AN/PRC-119 is part of the family of radios known as SINCGARS. It allows secured communications for both air and land units and can be found in many variations. The radio found in ACRE is the man portable version known as the AN/PRC-119 and is used by both the Army and Marine Corp.

    Please use this link for in-depth guide: AN/PRC-119 Guide

    ACRE Vehicle Controls:

    Shift + Alt + Q gets you the Vehicle Racks menu.
    Select AN/VRC-111 option to open the rack.
    From the MainRack menu choose Mount Radio.
    That will change the list to read AN/PRC-148 VHF, select that and the menu goes away. Your PRC-148 is now mounted in the vehicle.

    To use it press Shift + Alt + Q again.
    Select AN/VRC-111.
    Select AN/PRC-148 VHF from the next menu.
    Then select Use Radio.
    Now when you use your Caps Lock key you'll broadcast through the mounted 148.

    To get your radio back Shift + Alt + Q again.
    Select AN/VRC-111.
    Select AN/PRC-148 VHF.
    Select Take Radio.

    ACRE Controls:

    ACRE Self Interaction keys
    CTRL + SHIFT + E
    -Used for lowering headset, raising headset.

    Cycle between radios
    CTRL + SHIFT + S or A
    -To switch between 343, 148, 119, 117F.

    Open Current
    CTRL + SHIFT + X
    -Open selected radio interface
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