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LOD/Mipmap issue, blurry textures

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  • LOD/Mipmap issue, blurry textures

    Well, reinstalled ArmA 2 today and forgot about this issue I've always had. It seems that no matter how much I tweak it or change seetings, the general visual detail increases, but there are always select units or objects that are painfully blurry even when close up. When I change from Low texture detail to Very High, it shows the right texture detail, but then gradually decreases the detail until it reaches an equivalent quality to Very Low, yet stays as Very High in the settings (see picture). I'm no expert, but I think it's and LOD issue, where the game thinks I'm farther away from the unit than I actually am. I've tried Mipmap settings in CCC, Catalyst A.I., "-winxp" and some other minor things on top of that.

    I have read threads on issues like this before, but the solutions that work for everyone (Mipmap settings are mentioned a lot) have no effect. I would appreciate if anyone has any insight on the matter.

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    Re: LOD/Mipmap issue, blurry textures

    Ya, thats weird. I actually have an issue with what might be a FADE issue even though I have a legit game. Arma does stupid stuff sometimes.
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      Re: LOD/Mipmap issue, blurry textures

      FADE, yeah, seems like something that is overriding whatever I do. Might look into that, thanks.


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        Re: LOD/Mipmap issue, blurry textures

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          Check the BIS forum (official) for your card issues.

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            Re: LOD/Mipmap issue, blurry textures

            Right, problem seems to be solved now. Fiddled a bit more with the cfg (VRAM and 3D settings) and installed some recently released 11.6b Catalyst drivers. Runs smoother now and the LOD issue is nowhere near as bad as before. Once or twice there was a small LOD issue, but nothing abnormal.

            Thanks Rambo and LowSpeed for the suggestions :)




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