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Can't Get ArmA2:PR Running

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  • Can't Get ArmA2:PR Running

    I'm getting the error screenshotted in the first post in this thread over at the official PR forums. Someone further down suggested using the ArmA2 PR Reg Fixer program. Didn't do anything for me. Still getting the same error.

    I have tried:
    - uninstalling ARMA:PR and reinstalling
    - redownloading the mod and repeated the above

    Is there any other fix other than me having to reinstall everything from the beginning? (I hate to have to sit there for a whole day just to redl and install all the files for the ArmA2 Bravo server again.)
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    Re: Can't Get ArmA2:PR Running

    Make sure you run vanilla Arma2 & shut down. Then Vanilla OA and shut down. Then retry.

    If that still doesn't work, try running it from the ArmaII Launcher. Just turn off every other mod but @PR. Someone else had that problem last night.
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