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"Incompatible" mods?

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  • "Incompatible" mods?

    Hey guys, having a small issue here with the SixUpdater. My situation is both OA and Vanilla are owned through Steam. Followed the instructions all purty-like, and got almost everything updated... but I have a few mods that are marked 'incompatible'. I'm curious as to why.

    First, and most importantly, @ACEX_RU and @ACEX_USNavy are incompatible. Google told me the fix for this - I need to change the mod dependencies to ArmA2OaMod... but I can't figure out how the hell to do this. The site I got this from says "click the small edit button on the mod list". Well it must be a pretty damn small edit button because I sure as hell can't find it.

    There are some other mods listed with this: @aaw_oa, for example. It says it needs Arma2OaCo (which is what RU and Navy packs say), so it won't install. Should I just change all of these, once I figure out how, to download them all?

    Secondly, there's a bunch of mods that say they need Amra2Ca... what the hell is that? Like, @HiFi_ACE. I don't know what that is, but HiFi is good, so I want it!

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    Re: "Incompatible" mods?

    Did you set up Bravo server as a preset in Sixupdater? Did you import the Bravo server URL in the import server area? If not you will not have the correct version of ACE , Acre, or the @TGMaps that is needed. Go to the Need Help For Arma in Teamspeak and either I or an Arma Admin will see you there and help you sort this out.


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      Re: "Incompatible" mods?

      Yeah I got everything via Six Updater, followed the instructions and 90% of it worked just fine.

      See that. Unfortunately I'm a dumb and can't figure out how to edit it :/


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        Re: "Incompatible" mods?

        TeamSpeak 3 Information
        Port 9988

        You need to go to the " Need help with Arma" channel.


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          Did this get resolved?

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            Re: "Incompatible" mods?

            Never saw or heard anymore from him either way




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