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Help needed with ACRE installation.

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  • Help needed with ACRE installation.

    Hello everyone!

    I would like to expose you a problem i am having with ACRE.

    ----- OVERVIEW

    I have a steam installation of Arma 2 and Arma Operation Arrowhead, so they are in different folders. I am also using Spirited Machine's Arma Launcher v1.4.0.0 (latest anyway). I've updated my game to stable version 1.60 (latest too). I've all the CBA, ACE, ACEX and stuff updated and installed manually by modfolders method.

    ----- WHAT I DID

    I downloaded "ACRE_V1.3.12.459_TS3_3.0.2_hotpach_fixed.rar" (i think latest)
    I then extracted the @ACRE and @JayArma2Lib in my Arma 2 directory (not in the OA one too)
    I extracted the plugin for teamspeak and i put it in the teamspeak plugins folder (the win32 one only, to match my system)
    I then started teamspeak and i went to (Settings/Plugins) where i thicked up "ACRE Plugin" and restarted it.
    I executed the ArmA II Launcher (SM's one) and then i dropped the two new mods in my mod list. I thicked them up, and then i started the game.

    ----- WHAT I GET

    ArmA 2 recognizes ACRE and JayArma2Lib but when i get into the game it shows me this message "Script BB not found".
    I just click "Ok" and it lets me go ingame.

    Then, on the upper right side of the screen i get a small dark box with this writings "Acre: dsound.dll not loaded in arma2: check jayarma2lib installation."

    ----- NOTES

    I put all the userconfig, which worked with ACE, both in Arma 2 directory and in Operation Arrowhead directory. I can put all the @ACRE and @JayArma2Lib files in both directories BUT dsound.dll. Whenever i put it in OA directory, the game crashes at start.

    I think, but i don't know why, that this may be the problem: Operation Arrowhead folder can't find the dsound.dll file too and it just don't work when the file it's there.

    ----- ANYWAY

    Frack Steam, and this double folder skit.

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    You can copy and paste the OA stuff into the ArmAII directory.
    Then launch off from that directory.

    I'd stay away from 3rd party apps/launchers. It just brought unnecessary hassle in my experience.

    But use that as last resort. Don't want to have your steam going nuts.

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      Re: Help needed with ACRE installation.

      That's gonna be an epic "Drag and overwrite" but i will try that. :D


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        Put your acre in the Operation Arrowhead folder. Run evetything as admin.

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