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Suggestion for Vanilla ArmA VON Key Binds

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  • Suggestion for Vanilla ArmA VON Key Binds

    When on Alpha server I'll switch between channels effortlessly because I have a hot key set up for every channel. Try it out...

    This way you don't have to press "." or "," until you're in the right channel, then start to talk using the "caps-lock" key. Further, while leading it's great because you can leave my caps-lock set on side channel and mark the map without worrying about what channel the markers are in...because you use the keypad to talk in other channels.

    The only time this gets weird is when someone needs an answer back right away while you're looking at the map....the keypad doesn't work while in the map.

    Note: If you notice my select all is bound to "left ctrl-~" since it conflicted with my "~" for push to talk in TS.
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    Re: Suggestion for Vanilla ArmA VON Key Binds

    I have the same thing.

    NUM 1 = Direct
    NUM 2 = Group
    NUM 3 = Vehicle
    NUM 4 = Side

    And yeah, for some reason they don't work on the map. Unless you press the button BEFORE you opem the map, then keep holding it while the map's up. Doesn't cut out then. But then you're open mic-ing.


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      Re: Suggestion for Vanilla ArmA VON Key Binds

      That's pretty handy. It will be especially nice while flying, when I prefer not to scroll through the channels to reply and end up in the trees. My passengers and I thank you!


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        Re: Suggestion for Vanilla ArmA VON Key Binds

        been using this for awhile the only problem is when going from ACRE to VON that I have to remember which num key = which channel and usualy end up hitting all 6 before i find the one i wanted lol

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          Re: Suggestion for Vanilla ArmA VON Key Binds

          Mine is configured in the following way:

          V = Direct channel
          B = Squad channel
          N = Command channel
          H = Vehicle channel

          I change the defaults to the numpad keys.
          1 = Bincos
          2 = Night vision
          I forgot what is H and V...

          Anyway I do not have bindings to side and global. And due to acre my Caps Lock binding is erased. But in game you sure have the urge to talk on side channel a lot...




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