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Six won't launch

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  • Six won't launch

    Simple problem, but I have absolutely no idea why.
    Perhaps problems with the current version?
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    Re: Six won't launch

    JB, first uninstall Six and all folders and then reinstall

    d/load link:

    If it ask you to save configuation, say yes. If it doesn't then after reinstalling simply hit the Communites tab in the Blog area of Six, scroll down till you see, click the yml and it will place your Bravo server preset in the Dynamic area ready to go. Make sure you have a ck mark in the Beta box in game profile near the top of Six. Any other problems I will be around after 8:00pm est tonight.

    P.S. cking the FAQ's of Sixupdater I found this for you JB

    Crash on startup #1
    Updating the executables might have failed, try downloading the latest set:
    and unpack it into the Six Updater installation folder.
    Default installation folder is: C:\Program Files\SIX Projects\Six Updater
    On Windows x64: C:\Program Files (x86)\SIX Projects\Six Updater
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      Re: Six won't launch

      Just a heads up, Six break the shortcut to launch it every time it updates itself (at least for me it does). Try using the new one that it creates or go to the installation folder and opening it from there, before you uninstall and reinstall.
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        Re: Six won't launch


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          Re: Six won't launch

          All is good with JB now. He reinstalled the stable version-- 2.8




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