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Six updater issue

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  • Six updater issue

    Alright, im trying to get back into this game, and when i run six updater (fresh install for everything), i can use any of the updater actions to actually download the mods for the Bravo Server.

    When i click up update actions, Six says its busy, and wont open the drop down menu to continue.

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    Re: Six updater issue

    Assuming that you have the config yml working and you can see all the mods needed for Bravo (ace, acre, tgmaps) then click once on the preset, wait for it to open it (give it a minute or it will say it is busy again) then right click on it, updater actions, install or update mods.

    If that does not work then find us on TS and we will figure it out :)

    Also take a look at Sarge's six check list
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      Six had some technical issues. SirNerd try again.

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