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Ace 2 apache gunner?

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  • Ace 2 apache gunner?

    Hi All,

    Been trying out the Apache in ace2 but having problems with the 114L's (The RADAR Hellfires). How do u lock up targets and chose delivery (LOAL, LOBL, etc)?

    Can someone give a step by step guide on what to do because I can't work out how I lock a target. If all it is is putting the cursor over the target and firing, it misses. I try TAB but get nothing.

    Thanks :)


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    Re: Ace 2 apache gunner?

    Hello Jex,

    I moved your post here, since the ARMA1 thread is not used.

    I'm not at home to check the key config settings to bring the console up. But I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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      Re: Ace 2 apache gunner?

      Well if I can remember correctly the operation of the AGM-114L's is as follows:

      To use the on-board radar, double-tap ALT to enable mouse/free-look. Once that is done, line up the White Circle cover the location ofthe suspected target. Hold right-mouse button and it should eventually lock on with a audible tone. Once that's done, fire away and it should track.

      There is an alternate targeting mode as well, which is GPS Guided. To use this, select the 114L's and then hit Shift-Tab. It should bring up your map. To target a locatiom, just click on the map, point the helo towards the target, and then fire away.

      Also: ACE Feature Card for Missile Guidance -
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        Re: Ace 2 apache gunner?

        To change LockOnAfterLaunch and LockOnBeforeLaunch and check/change other parameters use MFD (Multi-function display). To switch to MFD in Arma2 use LCtrl+LShift+Q, after this navigate menu by NUMPAD numbers. To exit from MFD use same button combination.

        Sry my English not allows write here full guide how to use 114L/K Hellfires, but there's much info in youtube, wiki etc.. Or find me in TS i'll show u. Good luck

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          Re: Ace 2 apache gunner?

          WOW thanks guys so it's quite involved - cool :)

          Also I dunno how that got in Arma 1 - I seem to click on one link and find myself in another forum I didn't want lol.

          Also is there any interest in some Arma missions just for Helo pilots?




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