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Getting started..some basic questions...

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  • Getting started..some basic questions...

    One problem with ArmA2 online is the plethora of various mods required to get on various servers..hence I avoided it. Was looking at ArmA2:PR because of the simplicity but hardly ever see anyone playing it. Used to play BF2:PR so I just ordered a new copy , only to find out the PR server is being shut down.

    You basic ArmA2 server is appealing. Wondering how I set up a player profile etc. I usually play in SP the one just before "Expert" with some customization (ie no on screen cross hairs , save game ON etc.). What settings/level would I select for online?

    I've only played around in the editor so far creating simple missions and never have learned to fly , drive , use anything more than a simple rifle and pound things to bits with a 25mm. Are these "skills" required to start playing?

    There's some kind of TG mod apparently associated with the server. Where can I find this?

    What exactly is this "Six Updater" I hear about.

    Do you use VOIP?? (Don't really want to bother with TS or any of the other 3rd party stuff. Jut more software to learn and more drain on bandwidth. At my age..that's a strain on the ever shrinking brain cells).

    Any help--or pointing to an area where I can find the help--would be appreciated.

    [CoFR] BeerHunter

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    Re: Getting started..some basic questions...

    I would recommend this
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      Re: Getting started..some basic questions...

      Good to see you Beer.

      I'm with you on the mod updates etc making things complicated. Six updater, while it has it's moments, has really eliminated that for the most part.

      Download it and install it then point it to where your game is installed. There is page you navigate to that helps you set up what mods you need for the servers. You click the button and voila it creates a preset combo of maps and mods needed. Next step is to right click and install mods. Six goes out to WWW and finds what you need and loads it in automatically. Anyways read the guide that's been posted. Once you get the hang of it it's very easy to use.
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        Re: Getting started..some basic questions...

        Sorry BeerHunter, I didn't see this post before. You can always grab me or poke me in TS when I am on and will gladly make your transition easier. And can answer any questions you might have.




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