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How to start playing ace mod ?

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  • How to start playing ace mod ?

    so the title says it all ?

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    Re: How to start playing ace mod ?

    First I would recommend learning basic infantry skills. (Backpack system, medic system, radio system (acre), chemlights and earplugs/goggles). Next I would move on to intermediate stuff; Anti Tank, machine guns (bipods/setting range), and basic demos (satchels and C4). Then you can look at the more advanced stuff; sniping, advanced demo (tripwires and the like), piloting (more difficult in ACE) and arty.

    I suggest looking on youtube for tutorials. There are many great ones out there that cover all of this.
    Here is somewhere to start:
    He uploads lots of ACE tutorials that cover a wide variety of areas.

    WELCOME TO ACE! It is a great system!

    If you have any questions and see me online in TS, feel free to ask. I am sure the admins will be happy to help also.
    Hope to see you around!
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    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      This thread says the rest. :)
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