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  • ACRE problems

    last night, lowspeed fixed my acre problems. but now, my computer went back to version 1.4.8 acre, now i cant go back to 1.4.9. ive deleted the plugin, and the acre folder, reinstalled acre and when i go back to the plugin it still says 1.4.8. any ideas on how to make this stop, because i dont want to keep doing this every time i want to play on the bravo server.

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    Re: ACRE problems

    think its fixed, not sure inless i try to reconnect to server again tomorrow...


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      Re: ACRE problems

      You can manually move the acre_win64.dll or acre_win32.dll (whichever version of TS3 you have installed) into the ...\TeamSpeak 3 Client\plugins folder.
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        Re: ACRE problems

        can some one here also helping me out? i got acre installed but every time i join bravo they keep on saying that i have a deleted file ACRE_sys_radio, or Delted file Acre_sys_main


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          Re: ACRE problems

          If u have TG Bravo preset in 6updater try in this preset Right Click on ACRE>Updater actions>Verify and Repair.


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            Re: ACRE problems

            Regarding the TS3/ACRE problem we had while playing Venemous Strike and the flood/mute issue.

            I stumbled across something tonight that may shed some light on how other squads deal with this issue. Perhaps the admins already know this, I'm not sure.

            Anyway, apparently subdivides all of their squads into separate sub-rooms:

            Or maybe they do this just for briefings?
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              ACRE problems

              What works for others may not work for us. Conversely, our methods may not work for others too.

              Going just off the picture. It seems that they are not using ACRE. I could be wrong. But going off of this assumption.
              Perhaps the reason why they have separate channels are due to that reason. Since VON is dependant on the players bandwidth.

              The issue of "chatter" in our servers could and should be broken down by the players themselves. What I mean by broken down? Using your own judgement. I do not need to explain this as most if not all of you know this already. Specially those of you that have the TGU Signals ribbon.

              However, while I whole heartedly appreciate your intent with the post here. I do really. But we also have another rule.
              We do not advertise ourselves on other clans/communities. Nor do we allow it here. Reasons are quite transparent. Even if they do it here, we don't.
              The word; Respect, curtesy comes to mind.

              Use the CAA post or better yet, talk to the admin team directly. Believe me, we are actually quite open to suggestions and any all input from the players.
              Even though we are here to police the servers, in actuality we are players too. So we have a common ground and similar interests.

              I may have gone a bit off topic so I'll end it here.

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