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Problems with ACE Clippi not saving solved

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  • Problems with ACE Clippi not saving solved

    The newest update of ARMA2 OA Beta Expansion, HERE is the change log, has changed this "[97106] Changed: copyFromClipboard now does nothing in MP, copyToClipboard does nothing in MP on clients.". This means that you can no longer edit ACE Clippi buttons in game, because the way ACE Clippi works is to paste text of your changes to your Clip Board then take the Clip Board and save them in settings.ace. So to get your ACE Clippi to save correctly you will need to disconnect from the server, go to the main menu and make your ACE Clippi changes while in the Main Menu.

    This is testing and working. ENJOY!

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    Re: Problems with ACE Clippi not saving solved

    You should not be running the beta. The server isn't.

    Edit: Barg, lets try to get everyone using the same version. This eliminates conflicts because your client will expect similar results from other clients & when that doesn't happen we can get issues that affect the clients & the server in a not so good way. I think if there is a way to restrict use of the beta we may use it.
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