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  • [INFO] TGU ARMA Course List

    Tactical Gamer University

    TGU ARMA Course List:
    Courses that are currently available for request.
    • TGU ACEII Mod Familiarization Course
      Prerequisite: None*
      Introduction to ACEII Mod
      Introduction to the ACEII environment, etc.

    • TGU ACRE Familiarization Course
      Prerequisite: None*
      Introduction to ACRE
      How to use ACRE radios, etc.

    • TGU Signals Course
      Prerequisite: None*
      Introduction to Communications
      How to talk with the simulated radios on the servers, etc.

    • TGU Artillery Basic Course
      Prerequisite: None*
      Introduction to artillery
      Artillery Communication standard operating procedures, etc.

    • TGU Artillery Intermediate Course
      Prerequisite: TGU Artillery Basic
      Introduction to artillery
      Artillery Communication standard operating procedures, etc.

    • TGU Basic Infantry Course
      Prerequisite: None*
      Introduction to fundamentals of infantry
      Infantry standard operating procedures
      Basic TTPs.

    • TGU JTAC Basic Course
      Prerequisite: TGU Signals Course, TGU ACRE Familiarization Course.
      Introduction to Joint Terminal Attack Controller role with Fixed wing assets.
      How to manage air assets, etc.

    • Most courses may not require any prerequisites. However, when applicable. It will be posted within the sign up thread.
    • When requesting for a TGU ARMA Class, please use the correct title of the course for the sake of clarity.

    TGU Courses Pending.
    The courses that are NOT available for request.
    They are in the pipeline and will be pushed up to the available class list once ready.

    • TGU Advanced Infantry Course
    • TGU Pre-Deployment Training Course
    • TGU Leadership Course
    • TGU Convoy Operations Course
    • TGU MOUT Course
    • TGU Tactical Carbine Course
    • TGU Air Assault Course
    • TGU Pathfinder Basic Course
    • TGU Pathfinder Advanced Course
    • TGU Artillery Advanced Course
    • TGU JTAC Advanced Course

    TGU ARMA Instructor Roster & Structure
    TGU ARMA Title Lead
    • LowSpeedHighDrag

    TGU ARMA Instructors - Active
    • BlackPython
    • Bolagnaise
    • Garthra
    • OPS
    • Unkl
    • Riyker
    • Dimitrius
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    Re: TGU ARMA Course List

    I am offering myself as meatshield, if the numbers are low on any training that needs more than the student himself.
    what's the value of so called "tactics" and "teamwork", when I am better and faster alone?


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      Re: TGU ARMA Course List

      Consider me for, as Koepi so expertly stated, meatshield, as well.

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        Re: TGU ARMA Course List

        I would like to volunteer my free time to help this community grow and create an standard among all the roles that are used on the game, because a well prepared student is a , good soldier on the field, and this might increase the speed the knowledge is acquired by the community, and slowly increase the level of experience which in change increases the gameplay level of everybody


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          Re: TGU ARMA Course List

          Just downloaded Arma III. I'm a beginner to ARMA but have some military experience. I'd like to enroll in these basic classes or their equivalents

          TGU ACEII Mod familiarization, TGU ACRE Familiarization,TGU Signals Course, TGU Basic Infantry Course, Basic JTAC course. I'm available only on weekends


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            Re: TGU ARMA Course List

            Welcome to Tactical Gamer. Glad you found us.

            Excellent courses all but you should know The ARMA III server is running unmodded. We do run an ARMA II server that uses the ACE/ACRE mod. I'm not sure about the schedule for the above courses but someone from TGU will comment about the schedule on the above course I'm sure.

            Jump on the ARMA III servers and join our teamspeak. All you need is the downloaded game from Steam and you will be good to go. We'd be glad to get you up to speed in game or on Teamspeak before joining in.
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            Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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              Re: TGU ARMA Course List

              I've been with TG for a while now and always wondered about these classes. For a while I thought that they were for supporting members (paid). But I think its time to strengthen my skill and tone them.

              I would like to sign up for TGU Signals Course, TGU Basic Infantry Course, and TGU JTAC Basic course.

              If you are able to, could you send me a personal message because I dont tend to read the forums much.

              Thank you ~ Beckner


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                Re: TGU ARMA Course List

                Oh, this thread needs to be updated. Basic Infantry will be coming up soon. I should post it by the end of the weekend for a couple weeks out. Supporting members may request one on one training from an instructor but Basic Infantry is best served with 8 students at a time.
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