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  • FPS Question!

    Hi all,

    So I just wanted to ask a quick question, so be assured right now that my system is more than capable at playing ARMA at high settings, smooth as silk, on single player & tactical gamer's vanilla server.

    So then - why would my FPS reduce dramatically when I'm playing with ACE/ACRE or even other add-ons like Emita City on Alpha? My understanding of how these things work is limited, so if you could explain to me how this may be improved (like you're explaining it to a small child) it would be greatly appreciated.

    (I have done some research and edited my settings for optimum performance, and this issue still effects the game onlow/med/high settings also)



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    Re: FPS Question!

    One explanation could be server performance.

    A clients FPS is linked to the servers FPS dunno why and cant explain it ... but it is.

    If a server is under heavy stress from amounts of players or from amounts of AI or scripts the servers FPS drops and all players FPS drops with it.

    ... ...

    An other thing to note is that Arma2 settings above or at high use CPU rather than GPU. With one exception being shadows which works in reverse :)
    Ya can find more info on that via google I guess.
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      Re: FPS Question!

      Sam, Bl1p I am going to have to disagree somewhat as to how the GPU is utilised in Arma. From a lot of tinkering over the years it has been my personal experience, and must stress the personal bit, that Arma will in fact task the CPU with numerous gfx type elements unless you effectively overload by turning settings up.

      I completely agree with Bl1p that shadows set to high forces that task onto the GPU. If you run GPU & CPU monitoring software whilst playing you can clearly see this.

      However it also works with other gfx settings but it does seem dependent where your headroom is. Basically Arma seems to try and run everything via the CPU when it can (slight eexagerration but you get the point). Artificially running on lower settings can actually make this worse. The game seems to think "ok, he doesn't want the extra pretty we should be able to give the GPU the night off. If we thrash the CPU it should all fit on there" lol.

      You need to convince the game it needs the help of the GPU as Arma already taxes the CPU enough with everything else.

      Now this generally works best if you have a fairly decent GPU. For example I am running an over clocked I5 750 @ 3.85 and a GTX 680 super clocked. Initially I was a little underwhelmed by the jump in fps from my previous HD5870. To try and improve that I fiddled with settings, scaling them back etc. Things got worse lol.

      So after some head scratching I started cranking everything right up, and I do mean right up. Post processing - very high, HDR - very high, view distance pushed out.

      Guess what, the load dropped on my CPU considerably and I increased the load on my GPU from an underperforming 40/60% all the way up to 98%. The result a 10-20 fps gain, stunning visuals and freed up resource on my CPU to deal with all the other CPU intensive tasks that Arma throws at it.

      This will not work for everyone but dependent on your rig you need to experiment pushing the settings in both directions, up as well as down. Get some monitoring software if you haven't already, GPU-Z and CORE TEMP are both good and watch them as you tinker.

      If you want to post your specs and resolution I will happily do some more specific digging for you.

      FYI if you run Nvidia they just dropped new drivers which gave me a little boost.

      As regards the other things Bl1p mentioned, absolutely, server FPS will affect everyone to some degree. Also some maps have terrible issues like Zargabad which creates ai pathfinding issues which drains server resource plus the number of buildings coupled with poor optimisation just kills most people's FPS.

      Hitting the sweet spot for performance I'm Arma is part backwards science/reverse engineering poor optimisation, part witchcraft and a lot of experimentation coupled with blind luck.

      Like I say post your specs if you want more help, best of luck.
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        Re: FPS Question!

        I'm posting from a tablet right now so linking is a pain but there are things like the ATOC settings you can mess with which have various effects (relates to trees & foliage).

        If you are using a launcher make sure it's set to utilise all your CPU's cores, there are options for this in both SIX and ARMA II launcher.

        You can try the VRAM flush in game, I am sure someone here can tell you how as I can't remember off the top of my head.

        If you see me on Team speak give me a shout if you have any questions, like most people here I have long been on the quest for improved Arma II performance and I be glad to help any way I can.


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          Re: FPS Question!

          The search for the Holy Grail , the Golden Fleece and Nirvana were a walk in the park compared to finding the sweet spot in Arma.


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            FPS Question!

            Flush key strokes.
            Left shift + numpad minus key
            And type (without anything showing what you're typing)

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              Re: FPS Question!

              Ive been fighting with FPS in Arma for 11 years now ...

              I have finally got it working good !!!

              O wait here comes Arma3 forget what I just said :)
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                Re: FPS Question!

                The reason why mods, particularly ACE (but ACRE as well) hit your computer much harder than vanilla Arma 2 is due to the fact that ACE is enormous. This requires your computer to load vastly more data into memory - the normal game (ARMA 2), Operation Arrowhead, PLUS ACE, ACRE, TGMAPS, and any other mods we add. This is a lot of "gigabytes!"

                However, since Arma tops out of memory BELOW 1 GB, it has to constantly swap tons and tons of gigabytes worth of data from your harddrive to your system RAM and video card. Much more data than vanilla Arma.

                This is basically it in a nutshell, without going into the technical details, which most of us don't know anyways, since we didn't write the game.

                It is highly unlikely that your computer will be able to run "ARMA at high settings, smooth as silk..." for 3 very simple reasons:

                -no game optimization for multicore systems
                -no game optimization for more than 1 GB RAM
                -ARMA has a massive amount of detail and you can add over 1,000 units at a time in play

                In order to get "silky performance" you really need an SSD drive combined with dual video cards running in a crossfire-type configuration. Even then, if you push your settings ALL the way up, Chernarus can kill your performance at times.

                Anyways, I have found that the game actually looks a little better @1680 resolution instead of @1920 (1080p) and I get a large performance boost with my ATI 6850 video card. Usually averaging between 20-30 fps in firefights, which is adequate. If I had the money, which I don't, I would add an SSD drive to speed up load times, although I heard that Arma 3 should be better at utilizing memory in your computer. And if it doesn't, I doubt many people will be able to run the game, so... ;)

                Also, map-makers can reduce the level of detail so that it runs better on inferior computers; Takistan likewise runs much better than Chernarus maps.
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