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Questions about Arma2 ACE/ACRE usage in game

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  • Questions about Arma2 ACE/ACRE usage in game

    Hi guys,
    I had a good time last night playing on A2 Bravo server - I've got a long way to go still, but at one stage I even saw an enemy and fired my gun! Actually, I'm not 100% sure about that, maybe it was some bushes :) I do have some questions about in game voice chat as I'm a little bit confused. The way I see it there are four different settings in Arma/TS3/ACRE:

    - Teamspeak "Push to Talk" key (I have CTRL)
    - Arma "Push to talk" key (unbound)
    - ACRE "Push to talk" key (CAPS)
    - Arma "VOIP" key (err... unbound I think)

    A couple of times last night I was clearly hurting people's ears and was asked to "unbind your push to talk key"... which I took to mean the A2 key and I hope I did this properly.

    Anyway, my question(s) are:

    1) Do the key bindings above seem sensible? If yes:
    2) When you are just jawing off in a team huddle before a mission, are you using TS3 PTT key or ACRE PTT?
    3) When we are close up in a firing line (say in overwatch) and I spot some enemy as a rifleman, do I report it over the radio (CAPS) or just shout it out (CTRL)?
    4) Does the answer to #3 change if we are more spread out and advancing, or in a vehicle convoy?
    5) I was trailing B around a lot last night and he kept saying, "lets check out this building" or whatever - I assume this was done by using TS3 (CTRL)?

    My overall objective is to save my comrade's ears so I've asked these questions for your benefit ;) hehe... I've also scanned the forum and hitchikers guide articles but couldn't quite find an answer. I probably would have asked last night but I was also struggling with my ACE key bindings (can't get ACE self-interact to work) and my left headphone also gave up after 9 years of loyal service which was very upsetting!

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    Re: Questions about Arma2 ACE/ACRE usage in game

    Hey Mecharius,

    First of all I would like to say that you are on the right path to learn ACE and ACRE. Most people feel intimidated, but you just jumped in head first, got rifleman role and dove in. Most of us would like to teach and show you the ropes that way. With that out of the way, let me answer your questions:

    1. Yes for our ACE/ACRE Arma 2 (Formerly known as Bravo) server your key bindings seems very sensible.
    2. When we are just talking to each other in close proximity we use TS3 PTT button.
    3. Most contacts should be reported over radio if possible. It is situation dependent. If the contact presents immediate danger it is usually reported over radio. If the contact is less dangerous and you can take it out by yourself, or you need one more gun next to you to help you out you can use TS3P PTT. It is a common practice to somehow report the contact before firing at TG though. Also if the radio is being heavily used you can use TS3 PTT to report contact to those next to you so you would have a couple of guns on the contact.
    4. Exactly. Distance between you and the person you are trying to reach would be your determining factor when deciding to use radio or TS3 PTT.
    5. Yep I was using TS3 because I knew you were next to me. I want you and me to check out a building, but I don't want 4 guys going into the same building.

    Anyway, way to immerse yourself with the Arma experience. Jumping from Arma3 to Arma2 might be little strange. But you can see the full potential of Arma3 from playing Arma2 in a full dynamic mission in a full scale map. Sorry about your headset. But 9 years? You gotta take a look at the new technology.


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      Re: Questions about Arma2 ACE/ACRE usage in game

      Welcome aboard Mecharius. As B said, good job just jumping in. ACE/ACRE has an even steeper learning curve than ARMA alone and when you couple that with all the tactical considerations it's a real handful to get a hold of. But you are doing the right thing and asking the right questions.

      A good rule of thumb is the less command responsibility you have the less need you'll have to use the radio. The Teamspeak PTT is akin to direct chat in game. As a rifleman this is where you'll spend a majority of your time talking to your squad mates. If you've got an enemy sighted or a contact report than you should use your 343 short range radio to be sure your SL is alerted to enemy contact properly. Don't just blurt it out however. Announce yourself to your commander, wait for him to authorize additional transmission of info then send the info necessary. There are a hundred posts on how to deliver a contact reports but a good rule of thumb is the three D's. Direction, Distance and Dispostion. It might go like this.

      Mech : Lead this is Mech with a sighting report.
      Lead: Go Mech
      Mech: enemy infantry times 4, bearing 275, 500 meters and moving SE away from our position
      Lead: Lead copies, out

      Lead can be any number of people. If you are a rifleman you will likely be in a 3-6 man fire team. If you are a fire team leader than lead will be the SL. If you are the SL then lead will be the Platoon Leader...etc etc...As a rifleman in a small fire team your report goes to your fire team leader who then sends it up the chain. And then you wait for orders on how to proceed.
      Of course it's important to maintain fire discipline as well. In most cases you'll be under condition yellow or red which means fire only upon command or no firing at all. Sometimes while deployed you'll have fire condition green which is fire at will. In all cases you should send up your contact or sighting report first and foremost, even while under green fire conditions.

      I'm spending most of my time on the ARMA 3 Alpha these days so I may not see you on the ACE / ACRE server but good luck and welcome aboard. If this type of game play really suits you and you want make TG a virtual home for your gaming you might want to consider a supporting membership sometime in the future.
      ARMA Admin (retired)
      Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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        Re: Questions about Arma2 ACE/ACRE usage in game

        Hey thanks Grunt and B for the replies... I think that more or less clears up my question. I assume the rest is just experience - i.e. how close you need to be for TS3 to work.

        I have played a fair bit of Arma2 - mostly just single player, mucking around in the editor but yeah yesterday was more or less my first proper attempt with ACE/ACRE and multiplayer. I've played a bit of A3 as well but for now find it great but a bit too limited... definitely looking forward to it hitting the prime time! Like many others I've found the TG servers to be the most friendly / helpful game servers online, but there are enough gushing posts about that on here so I'll keep it to a minimum :) The only other thing (apart from finding the backpacks) is to mess around a bit with volume because sometimes with all the gunfire I couldn't hear anything!

        Originally posted by |TG| B View Post
        Sorry about your headset. But 9 years? You gotta take a look at the new technology.
        Those headphones have been all around the world with me so its kind of hard to let go! I do now have two half working headphone so if one has a good left ear and one a good right ear I may still be in business!

        Originally posted by Grunt 70 View Post
        you might want to consider a supporting membership sometime in the future.
        Yeah I saw those but probably out of the question for another year or two... for some reason I decided it was a good idea to give up my nice corporate job and go back to the student life!?!?




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