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A random story - Fixing my joystick for flying

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  • [GUIDE] A random story - Fixing my joystick for flying

    A slightly random story.

    A while back I found a Saitek X52 joystick on ebay for 20 units of currency. going cheap as it was broken and being sold for parts. I thought I'd have a stab at fixing it using my l33t electronics skills, and if not I was going to use its corpse to build a new joystick. When it arrived I cracked open the box and plugged it in to see what would happen. It worked perfectly! I played a fair bit of DCS and a bit of ARMA using it until eventually we had to move house and so I packed it away.

    Yesterday I got Take on Helicopters + the ARMA back catalogue for $6 on the Humble weekly sale, so thought I'd plug my joystick back in and see if it made me any better at landing on the Nimitz in Arma 3. A few seconds later I was very disappointed to find that the throttle was fine but the joystick was fully dead. With no other option I proceeded to pull it to bits to troubleshoot...

    I spent about four hours re-soldering, probing with my multimeter and scratching my head. I moved and replaced some LEDs, replaced capacitors and reconnected sensor wires. Nothing worked - the closest I got was some flashy lights by shorting out a connection. Then I found the solution:

    By randomly (and angrily) pressing anything that could be pressed I worked out that holding down any of the joystick buttons on the front made the joystick come to life and work perfectly. I'm sure a real electronics expert could tell me why this is happening but its working and so I fixed my joystick with about 5cm of cellotape :/

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    A random story - Fixing my joystick for flying

    Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh :)

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