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    As hinted about before in our mission development forums, there are some changes being implemented to Zues here at TG.

    One of the things that any open community must contend with is how you organize your community and we use our Primer to do so. In pursuit of the goals of the Primer each game administration must weigh the needs of each game on it's own terms as how to best achieve this. While we desire to maintain an open community we also like the variety that the Zues model of real time editing allows for. But it also presents a serious problem.

    The problem that can happen is when there is gap of TG regulars who know our history, what we are trying to achieve and understand how it all fits together....on the server. Usually, we've been able to count on our mission design to provide the right assets, structure and so forth. However, with Zues this can go seriously wrong. It was possible for a public player to gain control of our Zues and do some serious damage to our goals and reputation. Being an open server with no password means we must restrict access to the Game Master to those who have a commitment and ability to serve's version of ArmA.

    The admin team has been doing a lot of soul searching and research into how we can do this in a balanced way. It is not easy but we have a working solution. All Zues missions will have a built in restriction of who will be able to access Game Master or Moderator. This access will be vetted by the admin team & I'll leave it for another post on how this will work as the team is still in discussions on how precisely this will be set up.

    However, I thought it important to let you guys know what is going on in the background. We were reluctant to say too much until we had a firm understanding of what was possible and how we could implement a measure of control that could be as open to our community as possible. What you will see already is is that all previous versions of Zues missions have been restricted and there is currently one build that is allowing access for admins. We will be working with our mission devs to build on this prototype version for the future and develop it further. I intend to get more involved with the game development to push for features that will make it easier for open communities to manage this exciting game mode.

    I know the whole admin team appreciates that the last couple of weeks have been a little stormy and rough at times. We hope the quality of your experience on the server will go up and we believe we have a framework that will last.

    There will be more info on how you may be involved if you have an interest in creating TacticalGamer Zues missions. I'll leave that for another post.
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