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ArmA 2 and ArmA 3?

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  • ArmA 2 and ArmA 3?

    I was wondering about the 2 ArmA games, ArmA 2 and ArmA 3.
    So I have been deciding on getting new games for my recently homemade gaming Pc (Yay me and all that cx)
    and I was deciding on playin those 2 from the ArmA series.
    So I was wondering about difference.
    I have watched many gameplay videos of ArmA 3, and ArmA 2 and DayZ mod and Standalone and such. Those kinda of games really peak my interest.
    So I was wondering what the difference was.
    ArmA 3 I know is superior and obviously has many features that arent in ArmA 2 and is overall better and 3x more expensive and all that.
    And I'm planning on getting both anyways, but I really wanted to know.
    Is there any major difference in the way you play other then the fact of the upgraded Graphics, story and all that?
    As I've seen, obviously both games have been extremely fun to play, as many people enjoyed ArmA 2 before the release of 3 and all that, and now that 3 is out everyone's jumped onto 3 and its amazing. But they seem kinda similar as they're both the ArmA series, and play like a military simulation, teams, online and singleplayer stuff and all that
    But whats the differences between 2 and 3?
    Is ArmA 2 not that good, or are they both still amazing games even though 3 is better, from someone whos played both?
    Is ArmA 2 worth getting?
    Similarities and main differences?
    But Not like a comparison on how ArmA 3 is soo much better cause i get it, and I know.
    Thank you all for any responses.

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    Re: ArmA 2 and ArmA 3?


    Yes, different but the same.

    You are correct on the graphics front, but A2 does look pretty good if you're running a good graphics card.

    A3 is the "new shiny toy" and has some awesome stuff going for it besides just the "shiny" - the island of Altis is HUGE compared to the stock A2 maps, but then again A2 has a wide range of maps if you get all the stock versions. A3 adds some new building types and adds some new and exciting destinations. The single player campaign is pretty solid and gives anyone new to the franchise a good "coming up" - BI recently added "Bootcamp" which adds a good dose of "how to do this, and how to do that" if you want to learn something new.

    We play a good deal of A3 here and mission design is on that platform pretty much right now.

    As for how TO play the game, both are very similar - a few different default key binds, but in all the navigate the same. Both have a pretty steep learning curve (muscle memory on the keybinds and getting use to the various elements of the game) but many others have similar learning curves.

    The key (MHO) to both A2 and A3 is that they are designed more as military "simulators" not "bang, bang - shoot from the moment you hit the ground" - played correctly there is a good dose of strategy, recon, movement (which we work on regularly at TG) and firefights. The online team play is what we all live for here and the whole of the ArmA group are some very solid team players. Feel free to ask any of them anything and I'm sure they will all be happy to help.

    We operate tactically here at TG and look for similar interested individuals to "Join" the team our SOP can be found at that link. Not super structured like many, but we do live by our Primer which is always a good place to start.

    If you'd like to chat on the topic hit me up any time (ArmA Admin channel most days) or in game if you see me, happy to chat on about them both and talk about TG endlessly (LOL).

    Hope that helps,



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      Re: ArmA 2 and ArmA 3?

      Thank you Mad, this is exactly the response I was looking for.
      I'm definately gonna get them both and I'm glad I was pretty much right about how the games were. I love games like this and I cant find any game thats close to how good the ArmA series goes about the Military Simulation. I've heard Operation Flashpoint but that doesnt sound right.
      Thank you c:


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        Re: ArmA 2 and ArmA 3?

        Good to hear Marx.

        See you on the "Field of battle" soon.

        Also know that you can hit me up any time and I'll walk you through some of the basics to help get you going. . . .AND we have Link -TGU (Tactical Gamer University) which hosts some very informative sessions on tactics and working as a team. We host them IN ArmA with other ArmA players (as well as in other titles with other players from those titles too - it's a whole "Thing").

        Talk to you soon,



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          Re: ArmA 2 and ArmA 3?

          looking forward to seeing you out there soon. Solo already covered it but it bears repeating--ARMA is less a game and more of a simulator. It's not uncommon for single missions to last up to 3 and 4 hours and you can expect at least 45-60 minute minimum. I'll just add server population can be spotty at times during weeknights but the admin team does a great job planning and running dedicated missions, sometimes once a week, sometimes less often. There are pre mission sign ups, a formal roll call and assigned leadership and support roles. These are the events not to miss as they'll offer the best, most consistent missions in your ARMA experience
          ARMA Admin (retired)
          Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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            Re: ArmA 2 and ArmA 3?

            Come join us in Sundays event, details here;


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              Re: ArmA 2 and ArmA 3?

              Originally posted by Grunt 70 View Post
              It's not uncommon for single missions to last up to 3 and 4 hours and you can expect at least 45-60 minute minimum.
              Well we try to be short and sharp Grunt but by the time I work out which end of the rifle goes where and get the smoke grenade colours in my back pack just right we're often already an hour in :D There are a bunch of missions with lots of smaller objectives such as Patrol Ops / Enemy Assault where you could spend four hours on the same mission but complete a number of objectives. We're also working on building some smaller missions (yeah still probably an hour) that can be completed a bit faster (I've just submitted a couple for upload).




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