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  • In-Game Von - Direct Channel


    Since 1.54 it may be that direct channel has had more attenuation over distance perhaps as a result of some players thinking that they should be able to hear people talking at a normal volume at a realistic distance. Well now I'm yelling into my mic and waking up the house. Not to mention...getting pretty frustrated at the same time.

    I just did a quick search and found this OLD bug report.

    And THIS post that sums up a little of how many of us feel.

    Anybody feeling the same??
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    Re: In-Game Von - Direct Channel

    My complaints with VON are well known. At this point, it doesn't seem to be a high priority for BI to fix it. They have ignored all Bug reports about it and it's been a known issue since launch. Hell, first place winner of their Make Arma not War in Addon category was Task Force Radio (TFAR).


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      Re: In-Game Von - Direct Channel

      Direct is unusable in my opinion. Some people I cannot hear them at all, and everyone sounds like a whisper, which is to say a mime during a firefight.
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