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  • [SOP] Players and Admins

    Recent events, and they are more than just three, have put a spotlight on a pattern or a trend that we should be mindful to avoid. My intent here is to bring it up gently so that there should be no further misunderstanding about how issues are dealt with in game or within our community.

    There is no event singled out in my mind, this is an honest general clearing of the slate.

    Being a mature community means that players can expect nothing short of kind and decent behavior while we play our games. To help make this happen we have admins who's job it is to deal with any player issues or problems. It is not the place of a player to have any more authority than another. This equality is simply a consequence of showing respect to each other. This is the same for our seasoned long time players and the latest guest who just joined the server. As we know, gentlemen attempt to serve each other and by showing respect can't help but gain respect.

    It is true that some of our new guests may be coming from another internet home where this world we have doesn't quite make sense yet. If you are not used to this level of maturity on the internet then how would you know until the proof-in-the-pudding has been served before you? We must always attempt to serve that respect to each other and our most recent guests.

    Now these were not massively dramatic events. But their number have lead me to believe that it is important to publicly declare this fundamental tenet of our community so that there should be little misunderstanding out there.

    Players are Players and Admins deal with the issues. Admins have the tools to deal with it so that players can just enjoy. If you have a problem, if a player is not following our rules or code, please speak to an admin. Admins can deal with this discretely and with respect so that it doesn't become a public mess. All you will ever hear back is, "Thank you for the report. This matter has been dealt with."

    Admins will take the high ground and look for the best resolution respecting the privacy and individuality of each person and matter in as much as is possible. That is my job to ensure this happens and we have a really good team who share this vision. We also have the best group of players I have ever had the pleasure of playing with.

    Don't worry some bumps are in every road. Let your admin team help the way they are supposed to.

    I will leave this with the link to our Player Standards. This can always be found in the TG ArmA Rules - Start Here thread.

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