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  • [GUIDE] VTOL Aircrafts

    I made this guide to get people quickly into how to handle all the various crew seats on these new aircrafts.

    V-44 Blackfish (Armed): The AC-130 kind of Gunship but with Vertical Take-Off and Landing and slow travel capabilities

    With an effective range of 2500 meters against infantry and almost double that against Vehicles, this thing does require a Crew to know their stuff. I am simply going through every crew seat's responsibility and expectancy in the air here. One can switch between copilot and gunner seats mid-air but I would not recommend switching pilot mid-air, it may kick you out.

    A lot of people may think this is highly unuseable as a transportation option because of its size, but its durability makes up for it as it has a better chance of flaring missiles and can take 2 Anti-air missile hits without being disabled, where as a Chinook or a Ghosthawk would likely be disabled by a single one. Infantry version comes with 2 Pilots, 2 Cockpit passengers and 32 Cargo passengers - where as the Vehicle version can transport a Marshall APC, 2x Light Strike Vehicles or 4x Quadbikes. It can not carry any HEMTT trucks or enemy APCs. Armed version is seperate and has 4 seats.

    Pilot: Flies the Aircraft and can take copilot responsibilities, can have long view distance to know what's on his radar and where. Does not need much in object view distance. Vectoring controls hover on/off and Flaps controls the rotors angle in flight to be able to fly at a slow and steady pace during fire missions. Radar is important for all seats where you get information of all vehicles in the proximity and incoming AA missiles, you no longer recieve any audio warning of AA! Check the radar visually at all times. I described how the Radar works in my older UAV Guide thread.
    Co-Pilot: Handles Communications and his Camera Pod for reconnisance and aids in targeting for the rest of the crew. Leader of the aircraft. Recommended to have equal or more Object view distance than the gunners to do long-range recon.
    Right gunner: The most important gunner, focused as an anti-vehicle with its 40mm Cannon which has both Armor-Piercing and High-Explosive rounds. Recommended to have at least 2500m Object view distance, but I like to go as high as 3500m.
    Left gunner: 20mm Gatling and 105mm HE cannons, the anti-infantry gunner can fire a 105mm and fire salvoes of 20mm in between the reload times to increase efficiency, as the limitation of how many rounds you can spend before depleting your ammo is near null. Same expectations as other gunner.

    Gunners lock-on: You can lock-on to not only ground vehicles but aircrafts as well. Check Weapons settings, T should be lock-on on target, R should lock-on on Random target (recommended!). On ground vics you should be getting a green square on target vic, that means the shots will adjust to the velocity of both the aircraft and the target. On Aircrafts you'll have a lead indicator that adjusts to its current heading and velocity.

    Y-32 Xi'an: The CSAT opfor VTOL with more conventional firearms armed with Missiles, Rockets and 30mm Cannon. Comparable to real-Life Mi-24 Hind or in-game Mi-48 Kajman with its lethal tank-busting, infantry suppression and transportation of troops.

    250 AP and 250 HE rounds, 38 unguided Rockets and 8 anti-tank missiles mixed in with a top speed of 715 kph on level flight and 16 passenger seats, this thing is an improved gunship & transport aircraft that can be found nowhere in today's era. You can land safely in any environment due to its durability, armament and maneuverability. It can also switch its passenger seats out for the capability of transporting a 7-seater Light Strike Vehicle with a Gatling turret, but as with the V-44, it comes in 2 versions that you will have to switch between (infantry and vehicle transport).
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    Re: VTOL Aircrafts

    Nice work Xor. Good read.
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