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Brand new......Honest feedback desired......and thank you

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  • Brand new......Honest feedback desired......and thank you

    After years of watching from the sidelines for life reasons I finally wanted to check in with you all. I want to make the transition to ArmA from PR/Squad but the multiplayer functionality seems to be a steep learning curve. Thoughts on making the transition or is their a manual other than Shak Tac? It's like stepping on Mars and trying to find your way from what I have read and tried once and was called a level one (not sure what level one was, but I can imagine). Interested to get going but feel wayyyyy behind. Thanks for the thoughts and hope to see ya'll soon.


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    Have the game? - load up, drop in, and pretty much anyone on the server will help you along the way. Admins are around and we're always up for helping or answering questions.

    Welcome to the team, it will take time but if you've got some PR and Squad under your belt, you'll be up and running in no time.

    Hit me (or any of us) up whenever you want. We're here to help.

    Solo (MadSoloSniper)


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      Thanks so much and will do. I am working on building from ground up.


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        I need to have lined out:

        -TS server
        -ArmA server info
        - plan for joining and such

        anything im missing to join a server?

        if this is posted somewhere else sorry.


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          I'd make sure to give this thread a look:

          that should cover the basics of how to find the server and the servers rules (which aren't complex).

          Beyond that join in and learn as you go. Don't be afraid to ask questions, that's how everyone learns :)


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            Welcome to Arma!
            What's your in game name for a proper welcome when I see you in game?
            May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won’t.
            -- Gen. George S. Patton

            |TG189th| Cody


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              Thanks all, much appreciated. in game name Mef, and trying to line out the server and such. thanks for the link above!!


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                I am getting closer. The URL was invalid for TS3, any luck on findng the server. have all the downloads added. Also, do I need to put my Steam info somewhere to be added to the server?

                Thanks again!!


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                  There is a button in the upper right corner of the forum that links to TeamSpeak information. The link is here:

                  All the server information is found in the TS channel descriptions. Its slightly different for different servers.




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