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Quick installation for TS3 and TFAR

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  • Quick installation for TS3 and TFAR

    Quick installation for TS3 and TFAR
    • Install Teamspeak 3
    • Subscribe to and Install CBA and TFR
    Exit Arma 3

    On the Arma 3 Steam page look for ‘Browse Workshop’

    In the Steam Arma 3 workshop, search for and subscribe to both CBA and Task Force Radio.

    Once subscribed, run the Arma 3 Launcher to allow download of the above.

    • Find the workshop install of Task Force Radio
    Open the Mod tab in the launcher, expand Task Force Radio, click on the three dots icon for "More", then choose to open folder in Windows Explorer, double click Task Force Radio shortcut, double click the TeamSpeak folder and then run the executable which will then install the new plugins for you.

    If you cannot find the installation, you may not have ‘Hidden Files’ viewable on your PC. To remedy this, in your Arma3 folder, tap view / options / change folder and search options / view and change the options therein to ‘show hidden files, folders and drives’. This should allow the !Workshop folder to become viewable.

    Once the executable ‘task_force_radio’ is located, double click and allow it to install the TFAR (Task Force Arma Radio) plugins into Teamspeak 3.
    • Setup Teamspeak3 and in game Hotkeys
    Run Teamspeak3 and follow whatever steps necessary to run it if you are a new user. Once TS3 is running, tap Tools / Options / Addons. Tap ‘Reload All’ and enable ‘Task Force Arma 3 Radio’.
    Below the ‘Addons’ tab wil be the ‘Hotkeys’ tab.

    In this tab select a default Push to talk button that is different than CapsLk and preferably not used in ARMA3. I use an easily accessible extra mouse button.

    Run Arma3 and in Options / Controls / Multiplayer , Delete the ‘Push to talk’ button leaving it blank or bind it to some other unused key so you can still talk in game to players who don't have TFR.

    You could alternatively reassign the VON (Voice over Net) key to something that is also preferably not used by Arma3. I use TG Unkls example of the ‘Number pad 9’ key. Ensure that nothing in Arma3 is bound to Capslk, as TFR will default to and usurp this keybinding.

    Now, in game, Capslk will key up your in inventory TFR Radio. Your PTT key will activate proximity speech through TFR. Finally the ‘Number pad 9’ key will activate Arma3s VON.
    • Connect to TG Teamspeak3 and join a server
    Thje Teamspeak3 server address is :

    Quickkeys : Lft Cntrl + P : Radio ; Lft Cntrl + TAB : Proximity Volume.

    Be sure to check out the TacticalGamer guidelines and SOPs at:

    Thanks to Unkl for his original guide as well as the edits / pics and to Stache and Scout for their input.

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    Well done, Bond.

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      This is fantastic work, thank you!


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        Didn't know Bond already did this, I made a really simple and fast put together video, I'll put it here and I Hope it complements Bond's instructions, a few safety steps here and there that have worked for me. Video is not listed so only with the link you can see it, tell me what you think? if it's not worthy I'll delete it and not get offended :)


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          Most worthy!


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            I like all of this. But I must add that if you actually follow the TG ArmA Rules get to all you need to know including this video by MIK. Follow this link to the mod set that is in use on our main Custom Coop Server to get the full functionality. The sticky thread links you get it all.
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              This is real nice





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