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Arma 3 - Long Frame Hangs

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  • Arma 3 - Long Frame Hangs

    Hello TG,

    I started up ArmA 3 a couple of days ago and found that my game is basically unplayable. The word "unplayable" is not an exaggeration as it is commonly used. Since I found the bug I have done a clean re-install via Steam and launched the game in the "No Mods" mode. I see frame hangs whenever I try to move my character. Firing the weapons and looking around are fine. I cannot use Shift to hold breath as this causes frame stalls as well. I am effectively at 0fps for 10+ seconds at times. This happens in-game and in the Editor. Below is a short video showing the hangs. In the video you will see me moving for a couple of seconds to the short wall. I am actually not holding down the W key to move forward - I am stuck moving forward after the hang until I tap W to stop again.

    I also notice that it is not a system resource issue. While moving CPU usage is ~50% and GPU is ~30%. When the hands occur the CPU drops to 20% and GPU to 0%. It appears to be a locking issue of some sort possibly.

    Has anyone seen or heard of this before?

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    Can I ask what your system specs are? I've not seen that particular issue before. Curious if it's related to your hardware config.

    What are you using to measure frame rates?


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      Noyava I am running an i5 4690k with a GTX 1070. ArmA is the only game that has this issue, and only recently. As for measurement - my eyes. It really is static, i.e. picture-like. I can turn on a proper tool though.

      I forgot to add that I also lost all of my saves. It seems like if a new version of the game caused this then more people would be seeing the issue. I am not certain the video captures the hangs to the full extent. I'll have to time it to know for sure.


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        Do you know how you take your car to the mechanic and the car suddenly behaves? Well my PC is the metaphorical car today. I think I rebooted earlier for some other reason and the frame hangs are completely gone. Even with the 150% super-sampling I run a consistent 80fps. I hopped into a helicopter to push the GPU further and it had no issues with me buzzing the trees at a 20m altitude...


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          Glad it's fixed I guess :)

          I was asking how you were measuring because while I could see the stuttering video I didn't see a on screen FPS display. I was wondering if maybe you were experiencing some sort of vsync error that was creating odd input delays as well? Guess its all conjecture from here...


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            I'm running an i7-4820k o/c with a msi gtx 1070. How are you pushing 80fps with 150% supersampling. What am I doing wrong! lol


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              LOL you turned off your video capture and all was good. Just kidding. Are you running 64 or 32 bit? I had to go back to 32bit due to poor performance in any vehicles. It only started on Friday and then B mentioned it was a known issue. Funny I hadn't seen it before.

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                Unkl I am not sure which version that I use - I just hit the PLAY button . I actually did try killing off the NVIDIA capture processes but that had no effect. A reboot certainly would have been quicker than the re-install.

                Edit: 64bit as per Platform under All Paramters.




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