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  • Kegetys' Server Quick Launch Tool

    If you are like me and do not want to start Armed Assault to see if anybody is online, there is a tool that somebody made to monitor servers. This handy little program allows you to create a Server Listing and monitor if anybody is ingame. It can see who is ingame and what map they are playing. It also allows for quick launch to a server, even ones with passwords like TG. And it works...

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    Re: Server Quick Launch Tool

    It looks like it works with the demo too. Cool stuff, thanks.
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      Re: Kegetys' Server Quick Launch Tool

      This works too:

      Just click/bookmark the specific servers you're interested in to see who's currently playing them:

      TG Evo:

      TG Coop:


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        Re: Kegetys' Server Quick Launch Tool

        Good Catch Whiskey.. Now I can see who is on while at work!!
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          Re: Kegetys' Server Quick Launch Tool

          I had a problem with Kegetys' Launcher.

          I came into game just as it was finishing but with some missions left to do but got stuck in Kegety's SPECTATE mode.
          Despite several reloads I ended up having to delete the launcher to break out of it.

          Anyone got any ideas as it was useful to have particularly as it would alow me to switch/control my mods in use.

          I've only used this one but is there another Launcher that is as simple to use, simple being the active word for me.

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            Re: Kegetys' Server Quick Launch Tool

            Whiskey, would it be possible to use the stats from those game monitor links to incorporate into our games/server list so we can see who's on via

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              Re: Kegetys' Server Quick Launch Tool

              uh... I'm not sure... maybe? (not really my bag :D)




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