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  • Newbie needs help.

    Hello, I have begun playing Armed Assault and even have subscribed here yesterday to Tactical Gamer so I can use the server. I have had an Track IR 4 for a while. it works great with sims such as IL2 etc. However I cannot get it to work with Armed Assault. Are any switches that need to be turned on to get it to recognize the IR4 or commands that need to be changed in the controls etc.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Newbie needs help.

    Welcome to the ArmA section of TG Connovar.

    I have a TIR3, with TrackClip Pro. Same technology, only you have a more UTD, and smaller unit.

    There are "no switches" that need to be switched on. The TIR will work with ArmA just the same as it does with IL2 (or any other TIR enhanced game). The Game will load, (and, as long as the TIR software is running) the TIR unit will switch on, glow blue, illustrating you are now in "enhanced" mode. By the way, I am using the 505 version (UK) - patched to 1.05.

    The only thing I have done to the TIR Software is change the default "Pause" and "Centre" keys to "Pause - LWIN" and "Centre - Apps".

    One thing you can try is:

    Unplug your TIR. Go to Control Panel > Add Remove > Uninstall your TIR Software.

    Visit NATURAL POINT and download the latest TIR Software (4.1 Build 30) Re-install, plug in your TIR - Then try again with ArmA.

    Natural Point also have a pretty good (and on the ball) forum. If the above doesn't cure your problem, have a trawl through the forum posts, and see if you can find a solution. Another thing you can try is to start your TrackIR software > Update (drop down menu) > Check for Game Updates (or the next option in the list) > Check for Software Updates
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      Re: Newbie needs help.

      Thanks much. I followed your advice and now the track IR works great. Hope to see you online soon! Thanks again!


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        Re: Newbie needs help.

        Connovar, Welcome and thank you for contributing to the community! Be sure to look for any of the TG regulars and we can get you up to speed.




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